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The Dual Justice Department

  • As they are try­ing to take the num­ber 1 con­tender out of the way with the arrest of Trump. Sec of State Blinken announces $325M to Ukraine. 
  • 8 in 10 repub­li­cans believe Trump’s fed­er­al indict­ment is polit­i­cal­ly moti­vat­ed. Vivek is the only one on the cam­paign trail that did the right thing. All repub­li­can nom­i­nees should vow to par­don Trump. The Trump pros­e­cu­tion will per­ma­nent­ly dam­age pub­lic trust in our elec­toral process and our jus­tice sys­tem. Every­thing is to put you in total com­plete fear in doing any­thing on your own .
  • Remem­ber there was already a sub­poe­na for Hillary and that is where we learned about bleach­bit. You don’t hear any­thing about the 1800 box­es that Joe had in his pos­ses­sion. The deep state has stolen so much stuff. And noth­ing has hap­pened. Our state depart­ment is a cov­et­ed job. Remem­ber Blinken got the ball rolling on the 51 intel­li­gence that got the let­ter for the Hunter Biden lap­top. The deep state took con­trol imme­di­ate­ly under Trump. The sec of state becomes the bag­man. The war­mon­gers sent our kids to come home muti­lat­ed and man­gled and killed our chil­dren. Trump said what they do it for. The war­mon­gers said the hon­or of our mil­i­tary. He only asked why did you send these kids to get man­gled? Nation­al secu­ri­ty in the state depart­ment, when you pass the area the top lev­el of peo­ple are in the secure area. No elec­tron­ic devices are not allowed in the area. Hillary had 8 phones in her desk in the secured area. She sent some­one to clean out the serv­er and smashed the phones. 
  • Trump is stand­ing in the way and he won’t stand down for our freedoms. 
  • Trump stood on the stage next to Bush, next to some­one that was sup­posed to be the front run­ner, in the Karl Rove cir­cle.. DeSan­tis is in that same circle. 
  • They have to jail their polit­i­cal oppo­nent. Trump went blind into the oval office. He got rolled with flat­ter­ing peo­ple with snakes in a snake pit. It won’t hap­pen again. Don­ald Trump will end the deep state and end war. 

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