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The Mental Derangement of the Media

  • Lis­ten to the men­tal derange­ment of the media. This Is the war plan. And we have a strat­e­gy and bat­tle plan. We have to break down the pro­pa­gan­da to have the bat­tle plan. 
  • Won­der if the sen­si­tiv­i­ty of these doc­u­ments is the rea­son you are pay­ing $3.25–3.50 for a gal­lon of gas. And infla­tion is up and gro­ceries are up. They want to tell you that it could cause our mil­i­tary to be in dan­ger­ous sit­u­a­tions, who put them in dan­ger­ous situations. 
  • Mike Pence has been part of the Deep State for many years that has been involved in destroy­ing our kids in the mil­i­tary. Mike Pence was part of the cov­er of weapons of mass destruction. 
  • They have to put Trump in jail, say he can’t win, and John Thune talks about down bal­lot races. They will tell you that the Sen­ate is set for repub­li­can takeover and are going to scare you that you can’t get it if Trump is on the bal­lot. Then we are going to lose the House and down bal­lot races. They have the plan. It is the uni­par­ty plan. They have a plan to make sure Trump does not make it. 
  • Horowitz, Inspec­tor Gen­er­al; Comey, FBI direc­tor; Bill Barr, Attor­ney Gen­er­al all deep state. The deep state took out Jeff Ses­sions and Gen­er­al Flynn. 

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