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Nothing Making Sense with Narrative Surrounding Russia

  • Do you real­ize that Ukraine is our front line for our pro­tec­tion of democracy?
  • Putin has nev­er been so humil­i­at­ed and weak: Rus­sia experts say strong­man pres­i­dent has been reduced to a bystander after beg­ging Lukashenko to nego­ti­ate truce with Wag­n­er leader Prigozhin. Prigozhin, the head of the Wag­n­er mer­ce­nary force, on Sat­ur­day announced that he was end­ing his upris­ing and with­draw­ing his troops. Prigozhin said he had agreed to go to exile in Belarus, despite his forces com­ing with­in 120 miles of Moscow on Sat­ur­day. It was unclear how the deal between Putin and his for­mer hench­man was reached, but ana­lysts said PUtin has been severe­ly weakened. 
  • Putin has been reduced to weakness/ what did he get in return? There is some­thing bad wrong here that they won’t tell us the truth. Chi­na is reaf­firm­ing their sup­port for Rus­sia today. Chi­na and Hunter is off the front page. 
  • “No, this is all staged” Ex CIA ana­lyst claims Putin orches­trat­ed the Wag­n­er coup with Prigozhin as a clas­sic false flag to boost recruit­ment for the army and make the West think he is weak­ened. Just as sud­den­ly the advance was called off on Sat­ur­day and Russ­ian state media said the Wag­n­er troops would return to Ukraine while Prigozhin would flee to neigh­bor­ing Belarus. So again what has changed from this in the last few hours? All of a sud­den he decid­ed to turn his troops around and made this deal. No this is all staged, Kof­fler said, adding that Putin wants us to believe he is weak. 
  • The Wag­n­er Group rebel­lion chal­lenges Putin’s rule over Russia. 
  • Biden, Zelen­sky dis­cuss dis­or­der in Russia. 

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