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ALL STAR POLITICAL PANEL — When Did We Become So Tolerant?

  • For these democ­rats to sit there and sup­port Joe is unac­cept­able. When Joe goes around the world the lead­ers around the world are look­ing around won­der­ing what is going on. Joe Biden will not face any charges. All the doc­tors are telling the Amer­i­can peo­ple that he is per­fect­ly fine and can make decisions. 
  • John Ker­ry and our envi­ron­men­tal envoy went to Chi­na. They didn’t accom­plish anything. 
  • Why does Rus­sia still exist with what the media reports? Yet the maps nev­er show any retreat of Russ­ian con­trol. Remem­ber we had the coup that hap­pened 3 weeks ago. And now Putin is retal­i­at­ing and he has dropped out of the grain deal until his demands are met. Putin is using the pow­ers he can use because he knows that Ukraine will be get­ting more weapons. Putin sees that the Ukraini­ans can’t take back what Putin has tak­en. Remem­ber Joe and Hut­ner were tak­ing mon­ey from the Rus­sians. We know Zelen­sky is involved with the Biden crime family. 
  • The media is run­ning sto­ries on the scary part of Trump’s sec­ond term. This time Trump knows how to clean up the deep state. 
  • Texas prop­er­ty tax sur­plus they are refund­ing $12.5 bil­lion in school taxes. 
  • In GA they have a huge sur­plus and are able to give the cor­po­rate tax breaks and the pat on the back to the cit­i­zens. But what Con­gress could have done is cut the tax, whether it would be the state income tax, gas tax, sales tax rather than prop­er­ty taxes. 
  • In the state of GA the school board comes up with a bud­get and hands it to the board of com­mis­sion­ers and the com­mis­sion­ers are not able to dis­pute the budget. 
  • We can­not count on democ­rats to do the right thing for fam­i­lies and free­doms. Repub­li­cans have the message. 
  • When did we become so tolerant? 
  • 2024 is geared to instill fear of sup­port­ing who they want, and that this can nev­er hap­pen again. Trump has noth­ing to lose. 
  • Win­ners and Losers

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