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Chinese Official Scrubbed After Kissinger Visit?

  • Ukrain­ian tanks are run­ning on Russ­ian oil refined in Hun­gary and Turkey. Rus­sia was sup­posed to be gone. Putin was dying. And every­day it seems Biden is send­ing Ukraine a check. Every­time he has to sign a check for Ukraine they have to roll some­thing out about Zelen­sky as we deplete our ammo. They cre­ate a coup with the Wager Group. Keep this in mind that oil is going up. And Rus­sia may stave the world to death because they are end­ing the grain deal. Rus­sia is the strongest nuclear pow­er in the world but their ground game is not to par. Biden wants you to believe that because you aren’t pay­ing $5/gallon and pay­ing $3.50, you’re doing ok. And that inter­est rates are going up but you are doing fine with all this. Rus­sia cre­at­ed a dig­i­tal cur­ren­cy. They were sup­posed to collapse. 
  • Blinken shows up to Chi­na and this is the guy that held talks with Blinken for 2 days. Then we send the envi­ron­men­tal envoy, John Ker­ry over to China. 
  • Hen­ry Kissinger opened up Chi­na to the Unit­ed States. WE sent our scrap met­al to Chi­na and they sent back the lunch box­es in the 70s. White House regrets Kissinger had bet­ter access in Bei­jing than cur­rent US offi­cials. Hen­ry Kissinger meets China’s defense min­is­ter in a sur­prise vis­it to Bei­jing. Ex-US sec­re­tary of state’s meet­ing with Li Shang­fu comes amid hopes of improv­ing ties between two coun­tries. Accord­ing to a read­out on Tues­day from the Chi­nese defense min­istry, Li Shang­fu said friend­ly com­mu­ni­ca­tion between Chi­na and US had been destroyed because some peo­ple in the US did not meet Chi­na halfway. Kissinger said he was a friend of Chi­na accord­ing to the read­out. After Kissinger’s meet­ing with Chi­na, China’s for­eign min­is­ter Qin Gang is sacked. He didn’t just lose his job. You can’t find him. 

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