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Deep State Smoke and Mirrors

  • No evi­dence accord­ing to the peo­ple that want to lead you to believe something. 
  • Today Hunter Biden goes before the judge, it’s the smoke and mir­rors. We are indict­ment watch, smoke mir­rors The impeach­ment Inquiry, Kevin McCarthy is not going to do anything. 
  • The Deep State wants to shut down RFK Jr and any talk of COVID and the shot. WE law­suits all over this coun­try the rights of chil­dren and the rights of the par­ents in tran­si­tion­ing the kids in school. 
  • Ice Cube lost a $9M con­tract because he didn’t get the shot. 
  • US heart attack deaths jumped sharply among young adults in the 2nd year of the pan­dem­ic. There is so much research that is hap­pen­ing that they are try­ing to hide from you. They have exper­i­ment­ed on our kids. 
  • RFK Jr said they weaponize and mon­e­tize every­thing that comes your way. 
  • Crit­ics slam Elon Musk for sug­gest­ing COVID vac­cine may be respon­si­ble for Bron­ny James’ car­diac arrest and brand him a bot­tom­less pit of atten­tion addiction. 
  • It is the mid­dle class in Amer­i­ca that is pay­ing the price of Bidenomics. 
  • McCarthy edges back from the brink of a Biden impeach­ment inquiry
  • Chi­nese for­eign min­is­ter Qin Gang was sud­den­ly replaced. He’s miss­ing just like that. 

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