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Militarizing and Monetizing Climate Change

  • We have a repub­li­can rul­ing class in GA and they don’t want to give up pow­er. Every­thing we talk about is about the Pow­er they don’t want to give up. 
  • The real slav­ery that is hap­pen­ing in this world. 
  • FBI official’s tes­ti­mo­ny: “Some­body from Twit­ter essen­tial­ly asked whether the lap­top was real. And one for the FBI folks who was on the call did con­firm that, ‘yes, it was,’ before anoth­er par­tic­i­pant jumped in and said, ‘no fur­ther comment.’”
  • They are try­ing to move the atten­tion off the Biden cor­rup­tion. Nev­er for­get Mil­i­ta­riz­ing and monetizing. 
  • The top sto­ry in the media was it’s sum­mer and it’s hot. High­light­ing Ker­ry and his cli­mate envoy went to chi­na… Why did Kissinger go to China? 
  • They aren’t con­sid­er­ing abor­tion, slav­ery, bor­der, drugs… but we must save the coral reef. 
  • Hunter Biden called Joe at least 24X dur­ing busi­ness meet­ings with clients when his father was VP, first son’s ex-best friend will tell Congress. 
  • We need to have more government/affordable hous­ing to mon­e­tize this cli­mate change. They have no inter­est what­so­ev­er in return­ing to a cap­i­tal­ist sys­tem. This elec­tion is it. Equi­ty zon­ing, exclu­sion­ary zon­ing. Show a plan to get rid of exclu­sion­ary zon­ing and the depart­ment of trans­porta­tion the bid will be upgrad­ed. DOT — safe­ty, eco­nom­ic, equi­ty, climate, 
  • TX offi­cials face a dead­line to enter talks with the DOJ on remov­ing float­ing bor­der bar­ri­ers in Rio Grande. They aren’t going to talk to the DOJ about Biden or his son. Greg Abbott (TX Gov): “Texas has the sov­er­eign author­i­ty to defend our bor­der, under the US Con­sti­tu­tion and the Texas Con­sti­tu­tion. We have sent the Biden Admin­is­tra­tion numer­ous let­ters detail­ing our author­i­ty, includ­ing the one I hand-deliv­ered to Pres­i­dent Biden ear­li­er this year.” 
  • What slav­ery is ok? The one that the Democ­rats and the Deep State ignore and attack. The Left attacks ‘Sound of Free­dom’ because it expos­es an uncom­fort­able Truth about Moral bound­aries. Our cul­ture wants com­plete sex­u­al free­dom but ignores the neg­a­tive fall­out that hap­pens when those free­doms are abused. This mod­ern day slav­ery is accept­able by the pedophiles. 

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