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Other News- Paper Ballot Plea, Property Tax, EV Mandate, Impeach Biden & More

  • In GA, we have a board of elec­tion mem­bers. In Gwin­nett coun­ty, the repub­li­can nom­i­nat­ed board mem­ber David Han­cock, applied sim­ple com­mon sense to the board. He was very calm and artic­u­late to use a vot­ing sys­tem that can be ver­i­fied. He tells the board that the man­u­fac­tur­er is telling them that the sys­tem is out­dat­ed. And tells the board that they will get bom­bard­ed by the coun­ty if they were to go through anoth­er elec­tion with the cur­rent sys­tem whether it be paper bal­lots or anoth­er system. 
  • Peo­ple are upset over prop­er­ty tax­es. The assess­ments are so high that they bring in an enor­mous amount of tax rev­enue from prop­er­ty. The state brags on the amount of mon­ey they have in sur­plus. GA has the $500 pat you on the head scheme. Any­time GA gives away enor­mous tax breaks to the ev and movie indus­try, they give you the $500 look over here refund. That is what repub­li­cans do in GA. The repub­li­can rul­ing class of GA is the group that is bring­ing in the ev bat­tery plants. GA has sold com­plete­ly out to Chi­na. You can­not be the lead­ing man­u­fac­tur­er of EVs with­out sell­ing out to China. 
  • John Solomon: “NJ Gov moves to imple­ment EV sales man­date. By doing so, NJ joins NY, CA and the Euro­pean Union in ban­ning new gas vehi­cles sales by 2035.” Exact­ly how does this work? 
  • Why have they not moved for­ward with the impeach­ment of Joe Biden? 
  • Lau­ra Loomer: “Because the Speak­er of the House McCarthy is work­ing against you, sir.” Trump rips the House GOP, “ They impeached me over a phone call. Why aren’t they impeach­ing Biden for receiv­ing tens of mil­lions of dol­lars?” If Kevin McCarthy is slow walk­ing the impeach­ment? Remem­ber MTG car­ried the Impeach Biden sign 7 days a week, until now that she backs McCarthy. 
  • Lau­ra Loomer dis­likes MTG. Sev­er­al tweets that need investigation. 
  • We have talked about AI and what can hap­pen. Enough to almost give me a heart attack. GA mom’s sheer pan­ic after scam­mers used AI to imper­son­ate her 22 year old daughter’s voice and demand $50K ran­som but she was safe the whole time. A GA moth­er became the lat­est to face a shock­ing phone scam, suing her 22-year-old daughter’s voice say­ing she’d been kidnapped. 
  • This will be time released when they need it. Moscow’s revenge strikes crip­ple ports in intense drone and mis­sile strikes destroy­ing grain and oil export facil­i­ties. Rus­sia fires mis­siles at Ode­sa for the 3rd straight night. Putin says Rus­sia would return to the grain deal if demands met. Coca-Cola is still on the shelves in Russia. 
  • Since we are on indict­ment watch. 
  • RNC Chair Ron­na McDaniel said that it would be a mis­take for for­mer Pres­i­dent Trump to skip next month’s pri­ma­ry debate. 
  • Take a moment today to look at the peo­ple that have been indict­ed in MI because they thought they were doing the right thing and were giv­en enough evi­dence to say that Trump won the state in 2020. They are Amer­i­can cit­i­zens who love this coun­try. The aver­age age is 69. They came through the 70s, they came through the Jim­my Carter reces­sion, then Ronald Rea­gan, they raised their fam­i­lies and sent their kids to col­lege. They have paid prop­er­ty tax­es, school tax­es. Prob­a­bly very few have a speed­ing tick­et. They are being indict­ed because they sup­port Trump and believed he won the election. 

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