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FBI Got Their Man For Threats To Biden

  • Atlanta DA expect­ed to seek 12 indict­ments. Who are they? 
  • FBI agents shoot and kill a Utah man accused of threat­en­ing Biden and oth­ers while serv­ing a war­rant. Armed Trump sup­port­er shot dead in FBI raid linked to threats against Biden and top dems. Craig Robert­son, 75, was killed by FBI agents days before Biden is set to vis­it Utah. Vio­lence against peo­ple is not ok. There are three take­aways. It is very casu­al that they said he had weapons, they found he had a Trump hat, and a camo suit. He’s white. He’s MAGA and he could be catholic. We know how the FBI likes to tar­get catholics. 
  • Infla­tion num­bers will be out today. Some of the busi­ness net­works may be dis­cussing this but in gen­er­al they aren’t talk­ing about it. They have talked about the per­son­al cred­it card debt over $1T and keep in mind that inter­est rate is 22.5%. Now keep in mind that the coun­try has been down­grad­ed to AA+ and now some  US banks have been down­grad­ed. Remem­ber we had sev­er­al banks that have already col­lapsed and more to come. They will come out today with a cool infla­tion rate and get excit­ed about it. They will talk about the soft land­ing. They are try­ing to get their real­i­ty and our real­i­ty to match. But Amer­i­cans know their real num­bers are in the mailbox. 
  • For­eign clients gave Hunter a Porsche, a dia­mond and mil­lions of dol­lars, what did they think they were buy­ing. Joe For Sale. Open for Busi­ness price $20M. A new report from con­gress shows that Biden fam­i­ly mem­bers and asso­ciates made more than $20 mil­lion from for­eign clients while Joe served as VP. 
  • Dianne Fein­stein went to the hos­pi­tal after a minor fall at home, spokesper­son says. She fell again. Her daugh­ter has pow­er of attor­ney over Sen­a­tor Feinstein. 

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