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Is Chris Carr holding the leverage?

  • Burt Jones, the LT Gov of GA, from Jack­son Ga, repub­li­can, has aspi­ra­tions to be gov­er­nor of GA. He is also one of the alter­na­tive elec­tors, part of the 16. He did not get immu­ni­ty but he got removed from the Fani Willis case. Burt Jones is the favorite. Prob­a­bly get the Trump endorse­ment again. 
  • Chris Carr, the AG of GA, repub­li­can, has aspi­ra­tions to be gov­er­nor of GA. a cou­ple of weeks ago as Fani Willis the DA and is reev­ing up get­ting the bar­ri­cades around the cour­t­house. It has leaked out in the media that he has aspi­ra­tions to be gov­er­nor. Why now when 2026 is so far away? 
  • Burt Jones, his attor­ney, went and said that Fani Willis can’t charge Burt for any­thing because Fani Willis held a fundrais­er for Burt Jones’ oppo­nent. The case is still sit­ting in the sys­tem. They can’t just throw out Burt Jones’ case. And when the case was thrown out it was sup­posed to go to the AG office. Chris Carr was sup­posed to assign it to anoth­er DA with­in the state with­out conflict. 
  • The announce­ment a cou­ple of weeks ago is Carr’s mes­sage to Burt Jones that he still had to assign the case. 
  • Bri­an Kemp wants to run against Ossoff in 2026 and be the next sen­a­tor in the state of GA. If Don­ald Trump is elect­ed it will be a strug­gle for Kemp if Trump is sit­ting in the oval office. What card could Kemp be hold­ing? What if Trump gets con­vict­ed in GA. Kemp does­n’t have par­don pow­er but he does hold the abil­i­ty to appoint board mem­bers for par­dons and parole. 
  • The peo­ple want to get rid of domin­ion. We remem­ber the tes­ti­mo­ny across the coun­try of peo­ple talk­ing about the strange hap­pen­ings around the election. 
  • BREAKING: Proof of rigged MI elec­tion Demo­c­rat oper­a­tives caught in Oct 2020 turn­ing in up to 10,000 fraud­u­lent vot­er reg­is­tra­tions per day, many with the same hand­writ­ing and fake addresses. 
  • The increase of vot­er reg­is­tra­tions in 2020 was astro­nom­i­cal. Remem­ber many of the vot­er reg­is­tra­tions at emp­ty lots, 30 in an apart­ment, etc. 
  • Yet, MI AG charges 16 Trump elec­tors with felonies for send­ing alter­nate electors. 
  • What Mike Pence is try­ing to say is that Trump knew he lost. The J6 case will have to prove that Trump lost. 

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