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OPINION: The Precursors For Civil War


What cre­ates road rage between indi­vid­u­als? We know it’s when some stu­pid dri­ver care­less­ly or on pur­pose, some­how threat­ens us. A bar fight between two ine­bri­ates is usu­al­ly pred­i­cat­ed on some sil­ly notion of dis­re­spect or a per­son­al joke gone awry. But, how do we respond when the gov­ern­ment is doing it to us not once but con­tin­u­ous­ly, vicious­ly and obvi­ous­ly? The Democ­rats, just­ly fear­ing a return of Don­ald Trump are des­per­ate to stop him by tying him up in friv­o­lous crim­i­nal charges while try­ing at the same time, to clas­si­fy white MAGA Trump sup­port­ers as vio­lent extrem­ists. The Left is set­ting the stage to claim a fic­ti­tious army of white supremist are cun­ning­ly plot­ting to attack democ­ra­cy at its very core, at the seat of gov­ern­ment where the denizens of equal polit­i­cal jus­tice dis­pense ret­ri­bu­tion for Hillary Clin­ton los­ing the Pres­i­den­cy in 2016, an affront they sim­ply can­not afford to be repeated. 

Amer­i­cans are not unit­ed any­more. We have been divid­ed by pre­pos­ter­ous polit­i­cal ideals that, while appar­ent­ly in the ascen­dan­cy, real­ly has no pos­si­ble rel­e­vance to a Con­sti­tu­tion­al Repub­lic. They are steal­ing our gov­ern­ment. Dic­ta­tor­ships, like Joe Biden is impos­ing, and Rep­re­sen­ta­tive Gov­ern­ments of, for and by the peo­ple, are incom­pat­i­ble! They must clash and it has already begun. There is no mid­dle ground where oppos­ing sides can “just get along.” No, we can’t, not any more. I fear a real clash is com­ing soon and our side is not pre­pared. Democ­rats are! They see it com­ing and are try­ing to make it hap­pen by con­stant­ly push­ing us, arrest­ing school protest­ing par­ents, arrest­ing pray­ing preach­ers in front of abor­tion clin­ics, arrest­ing com­plain­ers as trans­gen­ders invade women’s sport­ing events and the list goes on. At the same time they are work­ing fever­ish­ly to dis­arm us, neu­tral­ize our con­ser­v­a­tive lead­er­ship and through excess tax­es, infla­tion and out­ra­geous spend­ing, reduce America’s mid­dle class to beg­gary so we can­not resist them. They also know they had bet­ter hur­ry because if they take a shot at the king and miss, they’re done for. Their trea­son will not be forgiven! 

In the mean­time, the levers of polit­i­cal revenge are being pulled by the odi­ous appa­ra­tus of the Depart­ment of Jus­tice in the name of fair­ness and pro­tect­ing Democ­ra­cy. We are not sur­prised because they con­stant­ly go out of their way to trash the con­sti­tu­tion unless it sup­ports their nar­ra­tive. Con­ser­v­a­tives every­where must be pre­pared to face arrest and tri­al on any slim pre­text for voic­ing an opin­ion con­trary to the Dictatorship’s nar­ra­tive. Don’t even make a joke about threat­en­ing a Judge or a Demo­c­rat politi­cian, unless you are Chuck­ie Schumer of course, because by doing so you instant­ly become a white ter­ror­ist threat to their estab­lished order. It is faith­ful Chris­tians espe­cial­ly the more vocal Catholics who are fac­ing the wrath of Mer­rick Gar­lands Gestapo as dan­ger­ous ter­ror­ists that must be stopped before they can act. 

We have some real Amer­i­can Hero’s ris­ing up to show us how to resist. Riley Gaines for pro­tect­ing women’s sports from the inclu­sion of per­vert child molest­ing trans­gen­der males, Gary Shap­ley IRS Super­vis­ing Spe­cial Agent, and Joseph Ziegler, IRS Crim­i­nal Inves­ti­ga­tor and some have come out of the FBI as well. The foun­da­tion upon which their polit­i­cal edi­fice is erect­ed is built on sand. It’s up to real Amer­i­cans to under­mine it because Amer­i­cans are real­iz­ing the dan­gers. The Left’s dou­ble stan­dards of decid­ing upon whom to impose jus­tice and why, are so egre­gious that they chal­lenge our trust in the sys­tem as a whole. They can­not be trust­ed. Every­thing that Don­ald Trump is accused of, the Democ­rats have either done them­selves or orches­trat­ed. Hillary Clin­ton is walk­ing free when she should be in prison. Load­ing Don­ald Trumps shoul­ders down with indict­ment after indict­ment in an attempt to sweep him off the polit­i­cal play­ing board is imper­a­tive for them lest he should actu­al­ly win reelec­tion and com­plete his destruc­tion of their schemes. 

The ene­my is the media, they lying pro­pa­gan­dists for the Democ­rats, left­ist groups like the South­ern Pover­ty Law Cen­ter, Planned Par­ent­hood, BLM, Antifa, the orga­nized, loud and noisy sex­u­al per­verts try­ing to force impos­si­ble fake bio­log­i­cal sci­ence down our throats, the “WOKE” left­ist school boards ded­i­cat­ed to tak­ing total charge of our chil­dren’s edu­ca­tion and “health growth,” the non­sen­si­cal Green Ener­gy move­ment, all these and more, are the real ene­mies of Amer­i­ca, and they know it. To defend them­selves they must con­trol every aspect of the arm of fed­er­al gov­ern­ment to pur­sue and neu­tral­ize any MAGA Trump lov­ing con­ser­v­a­tive who dares to oppose them. So, yes, we are already in a state of war. Pre­pare yourselves! 

Remem­ber, free­dom is the goal, the Con­sti­tu­tion is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (15Aug23)

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