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BKP Politics Weekly Recap — Hunter Biden Plea and Bidenomics

  • The media is say­ing Hunter Biden and say­ing it so many times so you will say Hunter Biden, not Joe or any oth­er fam­i­ly mem­bers or Joe’s sev­enth grand­child. The deep state cor­po­rate media got togeth­er to put the dis­tance from Joe and Hunter. WE have a judge that read the plea deal and thought they were try­ing to pull a fast one and it was not ok. So if you need Hunter Biden off the front page what do you do…
  • There is a lot swirling and Obama’s cook is dead. WE are hear­ing there is a sec­ond per­son that may have been pad­dling with him. 
  • Hunter Biden’s plea deal went down. Obama’s cook died, the next day the Oba­ma girls were gone off the island. Then we have no evi­dence and it is just spaghet­ti on the wall. Major demo­c­rat donor Sam Bankman Fried gets a pass on cam­paign finance charges from Biden’s DOJ. And Jerome Pow­ell increas­es the inter­est rates, proof that Bide­nomics is not working. 
  • Police call log for Campbell’s drown­ing at Oba­ma estate is blank. 
  • Amer­i­cans are mov­ing into their vehi­cles. Huge exo­dus from homes to vans. Work­ers can­not afford to live in this coun­try. RFK put this out that is why he is resonating. 
  • How do you wipe every bit of this from the head­lines? Cou­ple more charges for Trump. 

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