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Today’s Agenda: Trump’s Indictment, Bright Side of Economy & Global Boiling

  • They don’t open up with the plea deal of Hunter Biden. They try to turn the plea deal opti­mistic. They open up with Trump and Trump’s indict­ment, the bright side of the econ­o­my and glob­al boil­ing. They don’t under­stand why their report­ing isn’t chang­ing the minds of Amer­i­cans on the econ­o­my. The polling num­bers are very bad for Biden. All of the vari­ables they use to cre­ate the reports for the gov­ern­ment num­bers are fraud­u­lent. The real num­ber is your bills, your gro­cery costs, the gas pump, it is what you are pay­ing vs mon­ey com­ing into your household. 
  • The Ful­ton Coun­ty sher­iff office put the bar­ri­cades up around the cour­t­house antic­i­pat­ing that it will be a big week. Keep in mind it is a state indict­ment and GA is to be the last indict­ment, the last act. The Alvin Bragg state indict­ment and it will go blue. The Fed­er­al indict­ment in FL will not stop Trump in FL on the doc­u­ments case. The Fed­er­al indict­ment on Jan 6 will not stop Trump. Both of those indict­ments will call for a fed­er­al par­don if con­vict­ed. Then you come to GA. This is a state indict­ment. We are look­ing at 3 repub­li­cans pos­si­bly get­ting arrest­ed. In the State of GA the parole board has the pow­ers to par­don. And Kemp can say he can’t do any­thing, his hands are tied. David Shafer, Shawn Stills, and Cathy Lath­am can get arrest­ed and spend some time in jail. GA does not name a nom­i­nee for the Repub­li­can par­ty until July 18, 2024. There is too much smoke around Fani Willis. If they have any hope in stop­ping Trump it is in GA. 

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