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What If They Throw Trump In Jail In DC?

  • Every­time Biden’s son and the Crime fam­i­ly is exposed, there are new charges on Trump. Biden going after his num­ber one polit­i­cal opponent. 
  • Drudge Report: “Indict­ed in DC Maga Night­mare Jack Smith cir­cles Don Read it Hold Him With­out Bail?” Could this be the sce­nario? What if they throw him in jail and say he is not above the law. WE have a prison in DC with J6 pris­on­ers. There are peo­ple that say that Trump stand­ing in front of this judge is no dif­fer­ent than the per­son that broke the win­dow. What is the biggest crime to this judge? The man that brought the insur­rec­tion or the guy that broke the win­dow. Many of the pris­on­ers can’t even get in front of a judge. What if he gets tossed in jail and they have to trans­port him in the orange suit? Could this judge set para­me­ters around this case and stop him from say­ing any­thing about the election?
  • Page 12 of Jack Smith’s Fed­er­al indict­ment names Ful­ton coun­ty in crimes com­mit­ted. It clears the way for Fani Willis. 

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