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Our National Debt, the Continuing Resolution and Corruption


Sub­mit­ted by George McClellan 

Every year we face this same mon­e­tary cri­sis, fund­ing the gov­ern­ment so it won’t default and every year our politi­cians end up argu­ing the need for a Con­tin­u­ing Res­o­lu­tion. Why then, do they take the whole month of August off for a vaca­tion? That leaves only a short win­dow to do the deed which in the end is sim­ply a trick to ram through untold bil­lions of more dol­lars we don’t have, to fund projects we don’t need and sup­port the mil­i­tary-indus­tri­al com­plex, the Health-phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal com­plex, the Marx­ist edu­ca­tion­al com­plex and the Demo­c­rat amnesty for ille­gal immi­gra­tion com­plex. All these com­plex­es are com­plex­ing Amer­i­cans espe­cial­ly when our politi­cians warn us that if the CR isn’t passed, our mil­i­tary won’t get paid, Social Secu­ri­ty and Medicare recip­i­ents won’t get fund­ed, but the poor and indi­gent will. 

Did you hear Mitch McConnell today pon­tif­i­cate on the issue? He tried to fright­en us by claim­ing the salaries of Bor­der Patrol Agents fight­ing the dead­ly impor­ta­tion of fen­tanyl will be affect­ed, but nobody and I mean nobody men­tions that per­haps the salaries of Con­gress­men and Sen­a­tors should be affect­ed as well. This is the Cloward-Piv­en strat­e­gy at work, over­whelm a country’s resources and wait for the col­lapse when the peo­ple will be scream­ing for the gov­ern­ment to do something. 

Do we still believe we must rely on politi­cians to solve the very prob­lems they cre­at­ed? And, while we face the finan­cial irre­spon­si­bil­i­ty of a uni­par­ty gov­ern­ment of incom­pe­tents, they throw oth­er non­sense at us like Cli­mate Change or glob­al warm­ing that will destroy the earth using CO2 as a tox­ic boogy­man that will destroy us all by the end of the year. A recent glob­al warm­ing ‘expert’ dire­ly warned us that “CO2 (Car­bon Diox­ide) emission’s were tox­ic and we (Amer­i­cans) were respon­si­ble for con­tribut­ing to glob­al warm­ing with our con­tin­ued use of fos­sil fuels. To say he erred is to be kind. He’s a mouth­piece for the Green Ener­gy com­plex try­ing to fright­en Amer­i­cans into buy­ing elec­tric vehi­cles, anoth­er boon­dog­gle by cli­mate alarmists. CO2 isn’t tox­ic, it’s a nec­es­sary ingre­di­ent for life. We breath it in and out every­day. I think he meant to say it’s CO (Car­bon Monox­ide) that’s tox­ic, a gas often used by those intent on sui­cide in closed garages. CO does come from auto exhausts but Amer­i­ca has, over the past decades, reduced CO emission’s to mere sin­gle dig­it per­cent­ages as com­pared to Chi­na for example. 

Do you ever won­der why trees don’t grow above a cer­tain ele­va­tion on moun­tain sides? It’s called the ‘Tree Line’ and it’s because their is insuf­fi­cient Car­bon Diox­ide (CO2) at that lev­el and above for trees to exist. Plants, espe­cial­ly trees need lots of CO2. It’s as sim­ple as that. These are stu­pid peo­ple gov­ern­ing us and yet, we reelect ‘em! Sad, very sad! 

Under­ly­ing all this dis­cord, espe­cial­ly the inabil­i­ty of Repub­li­cans to even appear to be effec­tive any­more, is the absolute cor­rup­tion that has invad­ed pol­i­tics by the need for politi­cians to stay fund­ed for re-elec­tion. A report I heard today said that a Sen­a­tor needs to make $14,000. per day for his/her reelec­tion. Apart from long August vaca­tions away from address­ing Amer­i­ca’s needs, they must spend 70% of their time fund rais­ing for them­selves tak­ing them away from address­ing Amer­i­ca’s needs. Politi­cians have dilut­ed our mon­ey, turned gold and sil­ver into paper fiat mon­ey and now they want to rob us of our per­son­al resources dig­i­tal­ly just like the near­ly broke Chi­nese are doing to their peo­ple. Do we see a pat­tern here? 

All the “slings and arrows” thrown at Don­ald Trump have proved noth­ing yet, the polit­i­cal assaults con­tin­ue while the evi­dence against Joe Biden and his cocaine besot­ted son Hunter, is so com­pelling and prov­able that we won­der why the appa­ra­tus of fed­er­al law enforce­ment, seen in the per­son of Biden’s crea­ture Mer­rick Gar­land, hasn’t act­ed imme­di­ate­ly to stem the offens­es against Amer­i­ca. We know why and Gar­land will pay one day! 

Then comes New Jer­sey Sen­a­tor Menen­dez, once before escap­ing crim­i­nal charges in a Demo­c­rat favored court of law, now again fac­ing seri­ous charges of cor­rup­tion by bribery, influ­ence ped­dling and dare I say, vio­la­tion of Cus­toms law on import­ing unde­clared gold bars, ie: smug­gling. He even sewed cash mon­ey into his cloth­ing just like Germany’s Jews did when they had the chance to escape the Father­land. Will the won­ders nev­er cease? 

Cur­rent­ly, Pres­i­dent Trump is so far ahead in the Repub­li­can vote count for the GOP 2024 nom­i­na­tion that he sees no need at all to debate against oth­er con­tenders. Why is he so pop­u­lar with the Con­ser­v­a­tive vot­er base? We’ve watched him per­form on stage and we instinc­tive­ly know that “if you tell peo­ple the truth make ‘em laugh or they’ll kill you.” “Wit has truth in it, wise­crack­ing is sim­ply cal­is­then­ics with words” and Trump is great at it. Apart from his proven suc­cess as a Pres­i­dent, he has anoth­er sound qual­i­ty that peo­ple like: ‘detach­ment,’ because he does not live to please oth­ers, but toils to Make Amer­i­ca Great Again. 

Remem­ber, free­dom is the goal, the Con­sti­tu­tion is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (27Sep23)

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