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Do You Think They Care About What Will Happen?

  • The media is strug­gling with the fact that you are look­ing else­where for your news and not believ­ing their narrative. 
  • Speak­er John­son real­izes that Amer­i­cans aren’t keen on fund­ing any more. The bill pro­posed for Israel fund­ing will cut the mon­ey from the Infla­tion REduc­tion Act allo­cat­ed to the IRS. Mike John­son is going to put the democ­rats to the test. 
  • The media want to lead you to believe that the fund­ing that will be tak­en from the IRS will be the mon­ey that will go after bil­lion­aires. It is not true, if you do the research that the num­ber one income brack­et that most of the audits are done, it is not in the upper lev­el, it is the small busi­ness own­er. It’s the fam­i­ly that can’t fight the IRS. 
  • Mike John­son is mov­ing for­ward with the inves­ti­ga­tion into Biden. 
  • Tri­al begins over whether Trump should be kept off the 2024 bal­lot in CO. We have a third debate com­ing up in Nov. There may be some behind the scene actions hap­pen­ing in GA to keep Trump off the ballot. 
  • Do you think they care about what will hap­pen? Do you think they are plan­ning for what may hap­pen? Don’t you think the FBI and our mil­i­tary have a plan in place for when Trump goes to prison or if Trump is kept off the ballot. 

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