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Big Corporate Investors in Ukraine


Sub­mit­ted by Patrick McNally

Watch­ing the news, I see that we are send­ing Abram tanks to the Ukraine to con­tin­ue the fight for democ­ra­cy. The ques­tion I have is, when were peace nego­ti­a­tions dis­cussed dur­ing this war? Every­one  seems to be more inter­est­ed in the con­tin­u­a­tion of war than in estab­lish­ing peace. In the mean­time, men, women and chil­dren are dying.

In Dec 2022, a recep­tion was held at the Ukrain­ian Embassy in Wash­ing­ton, D.C, spon­sored by the large arms com­pa­nies of Lock­heed-Mar­tin, Raytheon and Northrop Grum­man. Those com­pa­nies’ stocks have increased by 38%, and sales have risen to $50 bil­lion as a result of this war, while peo­ple con­tin­ue to suf­fer. These same com­pa­nies are con­nect­ed to the cor­rupt polit­i­cal swamp in DC.

The Van­guard group, which are the biggest investors in these arms com­pa­nies, are also invest­ed in Black­rock. The CEO of Black­rock, Lar­ry Fink, signed a con­tract with Yulia Svyry­denko, Eco­nom­ic Min­is­ter for Devel­op­ment in the Ukraine, to rebuild the coun­try after the war. Bil­lions of our tax dol­lars have been sent over to the most cor­rupt coun­try under the pre­text that it is all for democ­ra­cy and free­dom. The same peo­ple are mak­ing these huge prof­its on the backs of dying peo­ple there, while at the same time we have thou­sands of OUR peo­ple sleep­ing on the streets. Then the exact same com­pa­nies will make bil­lions more rebuild­ing the Ukraine.

The Mafia could learn a few tricks from these satan­ic gang­sters. This post will NOT be allowed on a cer­tain plat­form due to “threats from Zucker­berg.” They want silence on issues that con­cern polit­i­cal deci­sions that might inter­rupt “big busi­ness.” Both Van­guard and Black­rock have large invest­ments in Face­book, which why the Amer­i­can pub­lic is kept igno­rant by the media. Media that is also con­trolled by orga­nized crim­i­nals who attend­ed Har­vard, Yale, etc. To put it plain­ly, you need to start seri­ous­ly edu­cat­ing your­self, for your chil­dren’s sake.

I will end by point­ing out that these are the same cor­po­ra­tions that pur­chased homes by the thou­sands from banks in 2008-09 so you would be renters instead of own­ing prop­er­ty like your fathers did. There is a move to drain our peo­ple of any hope for the future. Because they want 100% con­trol over each one of us, just as they have over the politicians.–

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