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BKP talks about Dave Chappell, Uvalde, DeSantis, gas prices, and more


Macy Gray made a com­ment on the Piers Mor­gan show and made a state­ment that just chang­ing your parts doesn’t make you a woman. Yes­ter­day she spent the day cheered by nor­mal peo­ple but after the back­lash she had to apologize. 

Dave Chap­pell bought 52 acres in OH to avoid a sub­di­vi­sion from being built in this community. 

Rogan says he will nev­er host Don­ald Trump. 

They left Uvalde because they got what they want­ed. Red flag laws just don’t work. They don’t want to dis­cuss the piece of leg­is­la­tion that Joe Biden signed. They pass laws just to shut you up. Because Uvalde could have been pre­vent­ed. And now high­land park that could have been pre­vent­ed by the laws and the infor­ma­tion they had. Law enforce­ment, red flag laws and peo­ple are dead. And the real prob­lems are not being addressed. The may­or of Uvalde is call­ing it a coverup and a mas­sive fail­ure. When was the last time you saw the city police not give up the inves­ti­ga­tion to the state police or FBI. 

DeSan­tis has raised 100 mil­lion. Say­ing he is run­ning for 2 offices at the same time. Yes­ter­day the seg­ment on the Trump DeSan­tis ticket. 

You will start see­ing gas prices go down. They will try to get into Novem­ber to keep demo­c­rat control. 

A father’s Shield. A lit­tle girl was found under her father’s body at the High­land Park parade. She has lost both par­ents at the shoot­ing. She is 2 years old. 

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