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Ask the Doc: Dr Whaley talks about sweetner & bladder cancer and Small-cell Lung cancer


Dr. Wha­leys toma­to sandwich. 

Does sweet­en­er cause blad­der can­cer? 46% of cas­es are pre­ventable, 45% caused by smok­ing, 6% caused by occu­pa­tion, 2% caused by radi­a­tion. There are sev­er­al dif­fer­ent type of sweet­en­er. Sac­cha­rin in 1976 was study­ing was linked to blad­der can­cer. The lab­o­ra­to­ry rats were exposed to sac­cha­rin at 10K times more than you would get in your drink. Just like the assault rifle was blamed for the shoot­ing, sac­cha­rin was linked to the can­cer. So it was removed from the mar­ket. The ben­e­fit is high­er than the the­o­ret­i­cal like­li­hood that it caus­es can­cer. Every­thing has a warn­ing label, the world is full of over­reach­ing cau­tions. The sweet­en­er is not like­ly the cause of the cancer. 

Small Cell Lung can­cer and had neg­a­tive scans 3months ago. Now the oncol­o­gist wants to do brain radi­a­tion. Most can­cers begin small with only one spot. With small lung can­cer hits mul­ti­ple places. Surgery is not an option in small cell lung can­cer. 50% of small cell lung can­cer patients have the can­cer land in the brain when it is not detect­ed any­where else. The chemo doesn’t cross the blood brain bar­ri­er, there­fore the need for the radi­a­tion on the brain to ensure the can­cer is eliminated. 

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