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BKP talks about the House codifying abortion and mainstream media is worried


The House vot­ed to cod­i­fy abor­tion and will be send­ing over to the Sen­ate. Repub­li­cans don’t know what to do. Take a note. Par­ents are run­ning across their nation to take back their school boards. We have out­ra­geous tes­ti­mo­ny about abor­tions and what the val­ue of life is to the lib­er­als. The courts are sav­ing us from Joe Biden’s Amer­i­ca. The courts are sav­ing us from the freak­show. We must win the Sen­ate to keep the courts. Would you invite Richard and Sam to bake cook­ies with you and your chil­dren? If we allow what Richard says is Gen­der Affir­ma­tion treat­ment is a treat­ment, we are in dan­ger. WE are not dogs, using Bob Bark­er to spay and neuter your pets. Thank God for Don­ald Trump. We have to have the Sen­ate to stop the freak­show. The freaks want to put the kids at a table with a GI Joe and a Bar­bie and trans­form the child to the gen­der they choose with the dolls. They want to insti­tute boys in girls bath­rooms, sports, lock­er rooms and approve Gen­der Affir­ma­tion Treat­ment. Joe Biden ordered it in Jan 2021 and a Ten­nessee fed­er­al Judge stopped it. 

The main­stream media is report­ing and wor­ried they can’t get text mes­sages from the secret ser­vice. Report­ing that it sounds like a coverup. They are try­ing to stop Don­ald Trump so they can con­tin­ue the freak show. Try a witch hunt in GA, a witch hunt on Jan 6 to stop Don­ald Trump. They know that Don­ald Trump is the rea­son why they can’t get their agen­da done today. The secret ser­vice did not back up their phones and they could­n’t get the text messages. 

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