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BKP talks about local Board of Elections, Primary Election Lawsuit, tonight’s election, and more


August 27th is the Pick­ens Coun­ty Toma­to Sand­wich Pic­nic. The toma­toes are home­grown and not imported. 

The rur­al north GA tour that Stacey Abrams went on and now Gov­er­nor Kemp is going to Toc­coa, Clay­ton, Blairsville. 

Tonight is the Pick­ens Coun­ty Board of Elec­tion meet­ing. Tonight on Voice of Rur­al Amer­i­ca face­book page. The board of elec­tions will give the rea­son why they don’t have the coun­ty attor­ney who will not be writ­ing the court order. The Board of Elec­tion vot­ed 3–1 to write the court order to tell the judge that they want to audit the bal­lots of the Governor’s race and the Sec­re­tary of State race. BKP will have a full report tomorrow. 

Chero­kee Coun­ty their Board of Elec­tions vot­ed down the audit. The attor­ney threat­ened the board with a $5000 fine if they did the audit. 

The law­suit that a res­i­dent vot­er will go to court on Sep­tem­ber 19. Pick­ens coun­ty will make a motion to deny the request with no tri­al. The same attor­ney from Pick­ens Coun­ty that was sup­posed to write the court order for the bal­lot audit is the same attor­ney that is going to be ask­ing the judge to deny the tri­al for the bal­lot audit. When you fig­ure out why the bal­lots are so holy and you can’t take a look at it, let BKP know. 

Its elec­tion day in AZ, MI, MO, KS. The house is a done deal. But be care­ful it is not a done deal. BKP will be lis­ten­ing to the demo­c­rat and will report the evil they are plan­ning. Until then we have to quit say­ing that the house is a lock. We have to make sure that we don’t give up the pres­sure to have a land­slide in the House. 

Sen­ate races to watch are OH®> WI®< NC®< GA(D)> FL®> NH(D)> PA®> AZ(D)> NV(D)> CO(D). AZ has done the best inves­ti­ga­tion into the 2020 elec­tion. They are ask­ing the ques­tions and aren’t giv­ing up. 

Kel­ly is run­ning for Sen­ate in AZ. Schumer is run­ning the Infla­tion act for a vote this week in the Sen­ate. But no one has heard from Sine­ma. They (Kel­ly and Sine­ma) know and can’t talk about the truth in AZ. If she votes yes she could hurt Kellys chances to get reelect­ed. Manchin and Schumer didn’t invite Sine­ma into the deal for the Infla­tion Reduc­tion Act. Why was she not invit­ed to the meet­ing? The democ­rats need 50 votes and the 2 peo­ple that were most like­ly to push back on you are Manchin and Sine­ma, why wasn’t she includ­ed. BKP thinks that the elec­tion has some­thing to do with it. On the Gov­er­nor tick­et in AZ you have Kari Lake that is Trump endorsed and has a com­mand­ing lead. Rob­son, sup­port­ed by Pence, is going against Lake tonight. Kari Lake is a true can­di­date in AZ and doesn’t pause and stum­ble and try to get all polit­i­cal when dis­cussing the issues. Kari Lake will be a Trump win tonight if it holds. 

Mas­ters will go against Mark Kel­ly — demo­c­rat. Mas­ters is a Trump endorsed can­di­date. Mas­ters is anoth­er win if it holds for Trump. 

Democ­rats are going all over say­ing that Trump is get­ting peo­ple elect­ed that will help him take the elec­tion. AZ has 3 Trump endorsed can­di­dates Mas­ters, Lake, and Finchem (SOS). GA is the sto­ry of how the RINOs got the best of MAGA.
Tonight is also the MI elec­tion for gov­er­nor for Tudor Dixon. Tudor Dixon was endorsed by Trump. 

Trump could come out a big win­ner tonight. 

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