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BKP talks about local events, the media spin on the Al Qaeda drone strike and more


What are they try­ing to get you to believe? 

Tomor­row at noon, the Dou­ble L Restau­rant will host the Lib­er­ty Group Tea Par­ty. BKP will be the speak­er. The Fan­nin Coun­ty GOP will be on August 15. On a dai­ly basis the new cycle turns so no telling what BKP will talk about. 

They are try­ing to cov­er up the news cycle with any­thing neg­a­tive from the Infla­tion Reduc­tion Act and the pri­ma­ry elec­tions in sev­er­al key states. If they turn out with the Trump endorsed can­di­dates win­ning their elec­tions then they have trou­ble ahead. 

They are try­ing to make you believe that the Al Qae­da leader is on vaca­tion in Afghanistan on the bal­cony dur­ing the drone strike. He is the most want­ed ter­ror­ist. Now the most want­ed ter­ror­ist in the US is the Jan­u­ary 6 riot­er who got 7 years in prison. 

This is the guy that killed 4000 peo­ple on 911. You think about the nation­al trea­sure that we used up in Afghanistan that we left at an air­port. That we gave up Bagra and the nation­al trea­sure in the roads to the mines that Chi­na is using to dig up the min­er­als that we were going to use for our Amer­i­can goods. That we need Joe Manchin to com­plete Car bat­ter­ies that he wants to build. They are over in Afghanistan and the trea­sure we left for 21 years. 

Start think­ing about what the media shows can help you for­get. Could this help you for­get that the ter­ror­ist came as we were evac­u­lat­ing peo­ple from Afghanstan and killed 13 amer­i­cans that day. And then we retal­i­ate with a strike on a van with­in 48 hours that had the per­son that was respon­si­ble for the gate bomb­ing. And we found out that it was a wrong hit. The mad­ness nev­er ends. It is our lying CIA and intel­li­gence that wants us to believe the lies. They want you to for­get the 13 amer­i­cans. And they want you to believe that after 21 years we found him after get­ting out of Afghanistan. 

Why was this guy in Afghanistan, where they hav­ing a reor­ga­ni­za­tion meet­ing, plan­ning anoth­er ter­ror­ist attack with our nation­al trea­sure that we left there. They will spin this around because it wasn’t the dis­as­ter that we thought it was because look at the results we have had. 

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