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Why Garland is silent and YOU SHOULD BE SCARED! IRS can come after you.


We want to hear from Mer­rick Gar­land, the Unit­ed States Attor­ney Gen­er­al. He has to remain silent or he could jeop­ar­dize the whole inves­ti­ga­tion. What inves­ti­ga­tion? The Hunter Biden that you can’t get to because you’re too busy try­ing to get to Mela­ni­a’s clos­et and look around. 

Remem­ber when we were kids and our media would tell us com­mu­nism, social­ism and the lack of free­dom in Rus­sia and how they sup­pressed their peo­ple and went after their peo­ple. If you went against your gov­ern­ment in Rus­sia and what would hap­pen. And we have watched doc­u­men­taries on the Russ­ian gov­ern­ment. What if the Russ­ian form of gov­ern­ment had passed a law that Putin signed and enforced that called for 87K new KGB agents that would come around and ask if your finan­cial doc­u­ments were in order. What would those news reports be like in America? 

You can cross the south­ern bor­der and you can get into our sys­tem and take advan­tage of every­thing we have to over­come. And we have politi­cians that are fight­ing for you to get rights so you can vote, but if your finan­cial doc­u­ments aren’t in order the IRS can come after you. They have the BIG Cal­cu­la­tors. After they add on the fees, what was 1500 is 35000, we can take every­thing you have and life goes on. 

FBI Agents seized Scott Perry’s phone yes­ter­day. The Jan 6 com­mit­tee has sub­poe­naed Per­ry but he has refused to reply.
And you say you are not going to go vote? 

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