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Stacey Abrams the demo­c­rat can­di­date for Gov in GA. She has COVID, she is vac­ci­nat­ed and wears her mask. Won­der if she got it from her wife in CA? Abrams says it is time to legal­ize casi­no gam­bling and sports bet­ting. She just attract­ed some inter­est and she is play­ing a lit­tle chess with Kemp. The lob­by­ists in Atlanta have been try­ing to get an amend­ment to legal­ize gam­bling in GA. Now the under­stand­ing that there are casi­nos in GA have deals or back­room smoke deals to pur­chase prop­er­ty. There are some things you can find out where casi­nos are ready to go. This has been tough on the Repub­li­can side. They will do con­sti­tu­tion­al car­ry or oth­er repub­li­can kind of leg­is­la­tion but they haven’t been able to bring them­selves to gam­bling. There are invest­ment groups that already have prop­er­ty and riv­er boats. She is going to force Bri­an Kemp to talk about it or she might get back­ing from lob­by­ist groups. The lob­by­ist groups don’t care if you are demo­c­rat or repub­li­can as long as you pass their leg­is­la­tion. She is send­ing that sig­nal all the way to Blue Ridge GA. There have been some in the North GA moun­tains that don’t like peo­ple leav­ing and going to Chero­kee Co NC, it is just across the bor­der in NC. 

Repub­li­cans don’t get com­pla­cent. You will see next week with Joe Biden with a bounce. He is tak­ing Hunter on the plane. 

Peo­ple are not ok with $3.59/gallon. But the nar­ra­tive will be that we didn’t give Biden enough time and he is amaz­ing and they are turn­ing this thing around. And we should have just relaxed. They will get some mileage out of this. But if we don’t get Jim Jor­dan of Judi­cia­ry and we don’t get the Sen­ate back. And you know Mar-a-Largo will be after elec­tion day. It will still be Don­ald Trump’s home in Flori­da that was raid­ed if we don’t take back the House and Sen­ate. The media is going to car­ry the water for the Deep State. 

Biden is on a roll that any Pres­i­dent would rel­ish from the NYT. How do you know he is on a roll?, because they tell you. Biden is sud­den­ly pil­ing up wins, can Dems make it stick. Like­ly pass­ing a major spend­ing pack­age could set the state for polit­i­cal rebound ahead of midterms. 

Democ­rats know that before an elec­tion they have to have the repub­li­cans over the hill. Seniors vote. Seniors strug­gle at the end of the month to buy food and med­i­cine. With this bill you are think­ing that 87K IRS agents will end democ­rats. But the Infla­tion Reduc­tion Act has drug pric­ing reform. So they go from ACA for the peo­ple that don’t pay tax­es at all. This is going to cost the Amer­i­can peo­ple an enor­mous amount of mon­ey. No one is exempt. There has nev­er been a time in this coun­try where we exempt seniors and we don’t shift the bur­den else­where. And we are the oth­er guy. If Bil­lion­aire doesn’t pay it, the oth­er guy pays it. If they cap the mon­ey you spend on med­ica­tion each year and they cap the insulin you may vote demo­c­rat. Yet for a tech­ni­cal rea­son, repub­li­cans stopped the amend­ment because the gov­ern­ment can require rebates and cap insulin and cap year cost per year for Medicare but not from pri­vate insur­ers. Medicare is a gov­ern­ment pro­gram and they will shift the bur­den to the aver­age per­son. Will the mes­sage res­onate in the fall? 

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