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Chaney is OUT … And Saudis Aramco rakes in $$$ under Biden


They are try­ing to cre­ate a smoke screen with the Mar-a-Lago raid. Elec­tion day for Liz Chaney in WY and could be the end of Liz Chaney. Also Sarah Palin is on the bal­lot as she tried to relaunch her polit­i­cal career. 

The cor­rupt cor­po­rate media is so bad as to car­ry the water for the deep state. Joe has boost­ed the ener­gy com­pa­ny as it is report­ing the largest prof­it in his­to­ry. While Biden has sent a let­ter to all the ener­gy pro­duc­ers and scold­ed them talk­ing about the amount of prof­its they have got­ten. Yet they haven’t writ­ten a let­ter to the Sau­di Aramco’s prof­its. In Trump’s year 2020 the high­est was 16.7B, low­est 6.6B when they are killing our econ­o­my with COVID. In April to June of this year they have gone to 48.4 Bil­lion. 98% of Aram­co is the roy­al fam­i­ly as prof­its get dis­persed among the shareholders. 

As we went to Sau­di to pump oil the Saud­is sent their kids over here to go to school. For years while Amer­i­can oil com­pa­nies were doing well in the desert and Sau­di was send­ing their kids over here to school, now all of a sud­den they don’t need Amer­i­cans to pro­duce the oil. 

Tehran deliv­ers dead­line response to draft nuclear deal. They want struc­tures in the deal that IRAN has penal­ty pay­ments if the US pulls out again. 

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