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BKP talks to June Krise — 9th District democrat chair & Running for GA House 8th District


What took place at the demo­c­rat con­ven­tion. The morn­ing was filled with busi­ness and every­thing went smooth and passed unan­i­mous. The most excit­ing was when Rev Warnock spoke. The after­noon around 2pm was filled with train­ing sessions. 

The res­o­lu­tions passed vot­ing rights sub­mit­ted by Bee Ngy­gen, end to mis­in­for­ma­tion sug­gest­ed by Barack Oba­ma sub­mit­ted by Gail Buck­n­er, repro­duc­tive jus­tice, labor, pub­lic ser­vice, loan for­give­ness, civ­il rights work con­tin­ue, john lewis, 

Barack Oba­ma mis­in­for­ma­tion, some peo­ple still believe that the elec­tion was stolen. There are some in the repub­li­can ranks in con­gress when clear­ly that has been inves­ti­gat­ed sev­er­al times and there is cur­rent­ly a spe­cial pros­e­cu­tor in Ful­ton Co. There are 14K cas­es that aren’t being heard in Ful­ton Coun­ty because the DA is busy with the polit­i­cal the­ater case. 

Stu­dent Loans — there is dis­cus­sion about the stu­dent loans but it shouldn’t back­fire. The democ­rats are advo­cat­ing for the free tech­ni­cal school. Some­times you have to do some­thing like this. It was time to for­give stu­dent loan debt because there are sev­er­al stu­dents that would­n’t be able to pay off their loans because of their income. Spend­ing has been out of con­trol for many years. Spend­ing tril­lions and tril­lions of dol­lars, infla­tion is out of con­trol. Right now it is not the time to for­give stu­dent loans, they don’t even have a num­ber. should­n’t address the car­tel and cor­rup­tion and the price of tuition. IF you are going to for­give this debt how can you agree to that and not fix the prob­lem that caused the issue in the first place. The stu­dent loan debt is a drop in the buck­et com­pared to the help with the war in Ukraine and Nasa about to go to the moon. The democ­rats have a more domes­tic agen­da. The democ­rats are about to tax the bil­lion­aires like Bill Gates. 

87000 tax col­lec­tors — ordi­nary Amer­i­cans are con­cerned about this much gov­ern­ment. This much spend­ing, debt for­give­ness. The agents that are being hired are replace­ment agents. 

Stacey Abrams — Leader Abrams was the final speak­er of the day. The momen­tum built through­out the day. Her focus was on One Geor­gia, vot­er rights, repro­duc­tive rights, over­all it was a mes­sage to lift the democ­rats up and to get the mes­sage out. She wants to raise the basic teacher lev­el to 50K from 36K. The repub­li­cans get their mon­ey from oth­er states. And look at the PAC and dark mon­ey on both sides of the aisle. Our econ­o­my would col­lapse if we got all the mon­ey in politics. 

Warnock is lock­step with Joe Biden and hasn’t made any inde­pen­dent stand for Geor­gians. When you rep­re­sent a state you should bring issues to the floor that con­cern your state. A list of things that Warnock has done for GA and what he has accom­plished with GA. Kemp is lock­step with Trump. Now they are try­ing to be very qui­et about Trump to not give the democ­rats a plat­form to run on. Kemp has done a very good job in walk­ing a tightrope. Warnock’s staff came to many local coun­ty staff to let them know of the monies they were eli­gi­ble for to upgrade roads, build­ings, etc. There has been a lot of good. The cap­ping of insulin. There comes a time when peo­ple can’t buy insulin and they have to go to the emer­gency room . but the state­ment that warnock said that repub­li­cans won’t sup­port the $35 cap on insulin. There are a lot of church­es that take care of their pas­tor, which is the excuse for the $7400 month­ly allowance for housing. 

Train­ing — big focus on vot­er pro­tec­tion. Phone bank train­ing. Boots on the ground. Poll observers and peo­ple to call the boards of elec­tions to see if there are any open­ings in the elec­tions office. 

Con­cern is that the schools don’t noti­fy the par­ents that the kids are tran­si­tion­ing. Do democ­rats in GA includ­ing Stacey Abrams agree that parent’s rights trump all oth­er rights. 

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