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Dow Falls, Goldman Sachs fires bankers, and CA to ban gas-fueled furnaces by 2030


KJP says there should be a con­ver­sa­tion about the Atlanta Braves chang­ing their name. Democ­rats are so des­per­ate they don’t want to hear about crime, infla­tion, inter­est rates going up. 

Dow falls into bear mar­ket as dol­lar surges. Wip­ing out every sin­gle gain you had while Biden has been in office. Fed offi­cial warns UK tax cuts increase risk of glob­al reces­sion. They want to cut tax­es and increase spend­ing in Europe. Win­ter is com­ing as fam­i­lies have to brace for large heat­ing bills, as prices increase 17.2%. Home sales can­cel­la­tion rates surge in the Sun Belt, approx­i­mate­ly 15.2% of home pur­chase con­tracts were canceled. 

Gold­man Sachs fires bankers at all lev­els after dish­ing out bonus­es and hik­ing pay. This is hap­pen­ing all over. 

Biden’s stu­dent debt for­give­ness will cost tax­pay­ers $400 bil­lions over 10 year. Debt for­give­ness can only shift, it can­not get erased. If mon­ey is owned it is owed, you can’t bor­row the mon­ey on Mon­day and say it doesn’t exist on Wednes­day, some­one los­es the mon­ey. The debt shift­ed somewhere. 

CA will ban all new gas fueled fur­naces and heaters by 2030 to cut ozone lev­els. All new build­ings will be con­struct­ed with elec­tri­cal ser­vices. Have they put all the mon­ey they need into the elec­tric grid to ser­vice all these elec­tri­cal needs. They just got through with the elec­tric com­pa­ny send­ing out emails to home­own­ers to adjust their ther­mo­stat at 78 dur­ing hot sum­mer days. 

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