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Six Seat pick up in Senate, and need 5 in the House for Majority


Where do you vote in GA. https://mvp.sos.ga.gov/s/ or https://www.vote.org/polling-place-locator/

In the Sen­ate we have a 50–50 tie with the tie break­er going to Kamala Har­ris. We want to take her out of the tie break­er and take con­trol of the Sen­ate. BKP is pre­dict­ing a +6, with pick ups in AZ, GA, NV, NH, CO, WA and keep con­trol of FL, NC, OH, PA, WI 

We just need 5 seats in the House to take Major­i­ty. If Zeldin does well in his race in NY, it is pos­si­ble to get the 5 seats in NY alone. In VA they count quick­ly. They get the num­bers ear­ly. Watch the House races in VA‑7, this is just out­side of DC. They are watch­ing this race close­ly. If Vega comes in with high num­bers it could be a big night for Republicans. 

We vot­ed red and had a red wave. We got John Boehn­er and Paul Ryan. And is this who you want as speak­er of the house? Steve Scalise and Kevin McCarthy. You think they will do what needs to hap­pen in this coun­try to get it back on track. Do you real­ize we might be 4 seats from a super major­i­ty and you want Mitch McConnell in the Sen­ate or Rick Scott. You bet­ter think about this. It is an awful lot of work to get nowhere. 

For gov­er­nors, They aren’t look­ing at NM, OR. In WI the lone trump endorse­ment with Michels beat the estab­lish­ment. They say that AZ is gound zero for elec­tion deniers. Lets remem­ber that Katie Hobbs did not debate Kari Lake, the poster child for stolen elections. 

What hap­pens after tomor­row? What are the odds that Fet­ter­man has anoth­er stroke? Dr. Tid­man tells us that it is high­ly like­ly he will suf­fer anoth­er attack. Marc Siegel says there is a 60% chance for anoth­er stroke. We know they are just try­ing to get him across the fin­ish line and then get the wife in his office. 

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