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Not A Word About Twitter Files from Corporate Corrupt Media


Not a word about the Twit­ter files release. The only thing on the net­works was Trump talk­ing about can­cel­ing the con­sti­tu­tion. Not a men­tion of the con­text of the state­ment from Trump. 

Fox News inter­view with Mike Pence was an endorse­ment for Pence to run for pres­i­dent. Mike Pence knows that they sup­pressed the Hunter Biden sto­ry but no, he wants to focus on the “future of the repub­li­cans par­ty” and not men­tion at any time dur­ing the inter­view about the release of infor­ma­tion on Twit­ter suppression. 

Fox is play­ing a part to indict Trump, endorse Pence and end the repub­li­can par­ty as we
know it. 

Pence has all the lines for his run for pres­i­dent. “Turn tragedy into tri­umph for free­dom”. Pence is going to cam­paign to point out that he can make it hap­pen with­out Trump. Is he going to run that Trump was part of the prob­lem and Pence was part of the solution? 

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