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The “Respect For Marriage Act” Is A Back-ended Lie


When Elon Musk releas­es all this infor­ma­tion the deep state media has to run a cover.
This is the “Respect for Mar­riage Act”, respect­ing mar­riage is your mom and dad. But the gov­ern­ment con­tin­ues to change the mean­ing of things for us. Every time we turn around between Hol­ly­wood putting out the agen­da up front. The gov­ern­ment wants to cod­i­fy the agenda.
This is a back-end­ed lie. If the state does­n’t stand up for this it will mush­room out for so much more. The respect for mar­riage act does not require all states to legal­ize same-sex mar­riage but does require indi­vid­ual states to rec­og­nize anoth­er states legal mar­riage. We will come back in sev­er­al years with this com­ing back to the supreme court. It had bipar­ti­san sup­port, it must be good. You can’t tell a state you can’t require them to legal­ize same-sex mar­riage, but you are telling the state to rec­og­nize the legal mar­riage from anoth­er state. States have dif­fer­ent laws for mar­riage, divorce, and cus­tody. If you have to rec­og­nize a mar­riage in a state that has same-sex mar­riage does that mean you accept the laws from that state or your state for tra­di­tion­al mar­riage. This opens so many doors and they are left wide open. You will have in your state down the road, dif­fer­ent require­ments in your state and small busi­ness in pro­tect­ing peo­ple rights in the respect for mar­riage act. Some­where in this bill there is mon­ey tied to it and if you don’t com­ply there will be a lack of mon­ey. Real­ly what it is no respect for your state, your beliefs, your reli­gious beliefs. Wait­ing on the supreme court opin­ion on the web designer.
We do not have a vot­er sup­pres­sion prob­lem in the coun­try or in the state of GA. We have a lack of trust in Amer­i­ca. Out of the 68% that are vac­ci­nat­ed in Amer­i­ca, what would the num­ber go down too if you had a free­dom to choose to get the vac­cine, would it be 68% of Amer­i­cans. Or is the num­ber so high­ly inflat­ed because the peo­ple like Fau­ci forced you to get the vac­cine to be a pilot, nurse, teacher. How many lost their jobs? How many out of the 68% would not get it if it wasn’t required? Now we do have vac­cines that our chil­dren should take and this has hurt the trust that the Amer­i­can peo­ple have in vac­cines. There was a trust that was built. And there were a lot of peo­ple that did not trust the children’s vac­cines. Now only 50% have the boost­er and only 13% have an updat­ed boost­er. Read between the lines, we have a con­fi­dence prob­lem with our elec­tions on how they are count­ed and how the gov­ern­ment manip­u­lat­ed the elections. 

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