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A Border Deal Has Been Made. Is It The Deal That Is Best For Americans Or Illegals?


WE know Biden went to the bor­der and he made sure that the bor­der was all cleaned up and ready for him. Biden didn’t see any ille­gals dur­ing his vis­it. ElPa­so being cleaned up as if noth­ing hap­pened just in time for Biden’s vis­it. Biden new bor­der poli­cies. Expand title 42 to asy­lum seek­ers from Cuba, Haiti and Nicaragua, third coun­try asy­lum rule, new asy­lum path­way for 30K migrants from Haiti, Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua. 

Mitch and Joe are build­ing a bridge togeth­er. They are build­ing cam­paign com­mer­cials. The split screen on Wednes­day the house repub­li­cans were in chaos not being able to elect a Speak­er and Joe Biden was get­ting things done for the coun­try. It will be a split screen for the bor­der visit. 

Angus King just got back from Ukraine. He says there is already a deal on immi­gra­tion. He says bor­der secu­ri­ty is com­pli­cat­ed. They are ask­ing for a deal on dream­ers, and amnesty for work­force labor. 

We want answers. Democ­rats are fight­ing an inves­ti­ga­tion into thou­sands of mur­der. Why did they put thou­sands of COVID+ seniors into nurs­ing homes? The man that thinks he is a woman is Richard Levine that played a part of COVID+ seniors into nurs­ing homes. We can not let the covid ori­gins and the mur­ders that took place dur­ing covid let go. Democ­rats are fight­ing you get­ting the truth. 

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