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The Latest Deal was on the Congressional Leadership Fund


This is a pic­ture of a coun­try in decline. Biden and McConnell high­light bipar­ti­san­ship at KY event tout­ing infra­struc­ture bill. Notice JD Vance is not there. Rand Paul is not there either. There wasn’t a neces­si­ty for an infra­struc­ture bill. There are state­ments and influ­ences that hap­pen that manip­u­late the pub­lic opin­ion to waste and spend our mon­ey. If you took these behe­moths of the coun­try and gov­ern­ment agen­cies could be cut 50% and apply that to every road and bridges, it could be repaired in 5 years. When the media puts up bipar­ti­san­ship it is the def­i­n­i­tion of the repub­li­cans sur­ren­der­ing. Where both par­ty mem­bers can steal from the Amer­i­can peo­ple, pass a bill and call it bipartisanship. 

MTG and Trump are push­ing McCarthy. But the way Han­ni­ty treat­ed Boe­bert on his show was tru­ly awful. This is the process Sean. 

Here is what scares them and the truth. What you are hear­ing that McCarthy is accept­ing is what these rep­re­sen­ta­tives have been try­ing to talk to McCarthy for months. They want you to believe that what is hap­pen­ing right now is a major prob­lem and mutiny. But the truth is that the 20 have been try­ing to talk to McCarthy for months. And Kevin has not worked any­thing out with them because of his arro­gance. This group on the screen has told this audi­ence that the house of rep­re­sen­ta­tives will be con­ser­v­a­tive. They are telling you that they will move the leg­is­la­tion and return the gav­el to the peo­ple. One of the 2 last deals made was the con­gres­sion­al lead­er­ship fund. They are mak­ing a deal that McCarthy will not take lead­er­ship funds to pri­ma­ry for oppos­ing him. The 20 want to return the pow­er to the peo­ple. We are going to break that in GA to stop the pri­ma­ry­ing can­di­dates because they don’t do what they are told by leadership. 

MTG is a friend of the show. She was stripped of com­mit­tee assign­ments for 2 years by Nan­cy Pelosi. Com­mit­tee assign­ments come with dif­fer­ent pay and expens­es and trav­el allowances. Kevin McCarthy and repub­li­cans sup­port­ed this deci­sion. MTG is telling the 20 you got a win, take them and move for­ward. AS long as MTG is stay­ing true to your promis­es to your dis­trict, we are ok. MTG stay on track in pro­tect­ing our kids mak­ing it a fed­er­al crime on pedophilia. 

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