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Media’s Top Stories for Today: McGonigal, Fox Ex Dies, Mass Killings in CA, & more

  • Fun­ni­est video yes­ter­day from Peter Ducey
  • Media is report­ing the cor­rup­tion of McGo­ni­gal, a for­mer sr FBI offi­cial who played the lead role in the noto­ri­ous Trump-Rus­sia Hoax. 
  • The Sr Ex from Fox has died, Alan Komis­saroff, 47, dies from heart attack. Go to our rum­ble chan­nel and find the video of Dr. Tidman’s from last fri­day. Amer­i­cans all across the coun­try were forced to get a shot with­out know­ing what was being put in your body. 
  • The VT Supreme Court just ruled that non-cit­i­zens can vote in our election. 
  • Ruben Gal­lego chal­lenged Kyrsten Sine­ma for the 2024 Sen­ate race. 
  • 2 mass killings with­in 24 hours in CA. a new call to take you guns. Biden urged both cham­bers of Con­gress to act quick­ly and deliv­er an Assault Weapons Ban. Appar­ent­ly the gun used yes­ter­day in the shoot­ing in CA was out­lawed in CA and brought in from anoth­er state. There­fore the argu­ment is that a Nation­al Gun Law is needed. 
  • The next time a politi­cian says to you that when they talk to law enforce­ment that men­tal health is the num­ber one issue. That is a lie. They aren’t dis­cussing the men­tal health issue. They are con­cerned with fen­tanyl, metham­phet­a­mine, cocaine, the drug cock­tail that has the peo­ple so whacked out. 

  • https://rumble.com/embed/v24bnu4/?pub=j6waf

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