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They Will Die First Before They Lose Control Of The Deep State

  • Trump is on the cam­paign trail. He want­ed to go to NH, the first pri­ma­ry. And meet the grass­roots. These were intend­ed to be inti­mate meet­ings. Then he goes to SC and meets with the grass­roots there. Then attend din­ner until 11pm on Sat­ur­day night. 
  • The lead­ers of the RNC don’t care what the grass­roots want. 
  • We have to have some­one that will have the guts to do the right thing. Have you seen what is hap­pen­ing in Japan, Chi­na, Iran, Israel, Ukraine, russia…
  • They will die first before they lose con­trol of the deep state. 
  • They ran cov­er with the doc­u­ments with Mike Pence and how we over clas­si­fy documents.
  • The debt cri­sis and we can’t fight these wars on mul­ti­ple fronts. Big­gs says that send­ing 31 tanks to Ukraine brings us clos­er to a major world war. We will soon have boots on the ground. The tanks that we are send­ing take 6–9 months to train. 
  • Pen­ta­gon top brass want send f‑16
  • Pos­si­ble war with Chi­na in next 2 years. We don’t have tanks. Are we telling Chi­na in advance that we aren’t ready for war on mul­ti­ple fronts? 

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