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ALL STAR POLITICAL PANEL on Project Veritas and O’Keefe’s Leave

  • We thought Project Ver­i­tas was James O’Keefe. The Board of Project Ver­i­tas has asked O’Keefe to take a leave of absence. Matt Tyr­mand is the one that is push­ing the O’Keefe leave of absence. Matt Tyr­mand is a huge Ron DeSan­tis sup­port­er. Pfiz­er is not hap­py with the lat­est video. Big Phar­ma isn’t hap­py with the video who is the big donor for estab­lish­ment repub­li­cans and Ron DeSan­tis. The estab­lish­ment is going to push DeSan­tis as their candidate. 
  • On Mon­day, DeSan­tis is going after Dis­ney and is going after Dis­ney for the vot­er and then on Tues­day, DeSan­tis is con­nect­ed to the Deep State and glob­al­ists. There is a lot of stuff out there that says DeSan­tis is linked to the New World Order. 
  • Can a repub­li­can run against a demo­c­rat with­out any ties to the estab­lish­ment and win? Do we need to elect some­one that can get us a cou­ple steps clos­er to straight­en stuff out in this coun­try or do we need to have some­one that will rip off the bandaid? Don’t for­get Ron DeSan­tis grad­u­at­ed from Har­vard. We are tired of these peo­ple that are part of the boys club. 
  • The new pres­i­dent will be hand­ed WWIII. 
  • If some­one is actu­al­ly high­light­ing the cor­rup­tion in this coun­try and big cor­po­ra­tions are able to reach in to shut it down. 
  • The Ways and Means com­mit­tee just uncov­ered the big fraud in uncov­er­ing the COVID funds.
  • YouTude went to the San Bernardi­no police to get a war­rant to rum­mage through the place of the per­son that took the video. 
  • Rep Nan­cy Mace looked at the Twit­ter board that sup­pressed infor­ma­tion list­ing all the med­ical issues she has since tak­ing the shot. 
  • The democ­rats have dou­bled down on Crazy says Sarah Huck­abee Sanders. The democ­rats have cam­ou­flaged social­ism and giv­en into Wok­e­ness. Every sin­gle project in the Infra­struc­ture bill has a woke ele­ment to it. Every dol­lar that is spent has to have equi­ty goals built into the project. IF equi­ty is a require­ment noth­ing will get done. Mitch McConnell picked Sarah Huck­abee Sanders to do the rebut­tal for the State of the Union. 

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