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China Is A Big Concern

  • Biden went to Ukraine. Our pres­i­dent went to Ukraine after we shot down a $12 bal­loon over Lake Huron. We just fired at 3 objects. But the guy that gave the green light to fire 3 objects with $400K mis­siles is in Ukraine right now. 
  • Pres­i­dent Jim­my Carter has decid­ed to go into hos­pice. Jim­my Carter took on the CIA. At the end of the day he is not a bad guy. He is at home with his fam­i­ly. We wish the Carter fam­i­ly well. 
  • We are con­cerned with Chi­na this morn­ing. Blinken and China’s coun­ter­part met in ger­many. Chi­na won’t retal­i­ate against the US because they have too much to lose. Chi­na had the balls to float a bal­loon in this coun­try for a num­ber of years. You can’t trust this gov­ern­ment. On one hand, we don’t have our radar set to detect this and on the oth­er hand we know of 4 oth­er times this has hap­pened, some­one isn’t telling us, we have a problem. 
  • Joe is not push­ing China. 
  • Biden’s sec­re­tary of state warns Chi­na is weigh­ing giv­ing Rus­sia lethal assis­tance in its year long war with Ukraine and says Bei­jing attempt­ed to spy on top secret US mil­i­tary instal­la­tions with bal­loons. Chi­na is get­ting ready to give mil­i­tary help to Russia. 
  • We have increased mil­i­tary troops in Japan, Aus­tralia, Philip­pi­ans, Poland, Guam. It was devel­oped in the 8 years dur­ing the time Oba­ma and Biden occu­pied the White House. We allowed them to build the islands in the south chi­na sea and the air­craft car­ri­er. Trump tried to turn this around and went to the UN sum­mit and NATO warn­ing of the issues. And went to Ukraine ask­ing for infor­ma­tion on Biden’s trip. Trump knew that Biden’s trip to Ukraine was a cov­er your ass trip. Then they released COVID and now Trump is gone. WE have expand­ed our mil­i­tary pres­ence in all of Asia. Are we ready to fight on 2 fronts? Chi­na and Russia. 
  • North Korea fires pairs of short-ranged mis­siles 2 days after an inter­con­ti­nen­tal test. North Kore­an lead­er’s sis­ter warns US to halt mil­i­tary drills in the region. Chi­na may use North Korea to launch WWIII. 
  • We don’t have the equip­ment or per­son­nel to go to war. Chi­na has more equip­ment and per­son­nel. Remem­ber when we had the largest Navy fleet in the world. Obama/Biden allowed the mil­i­tary build up in Chi­na. How do we sup­ply Ukraine and main­tain the US sup­ply? wE don’t have the abil­i­ty to go to war with Chi­na. Rus­sia and Chi­na have the no lim­its agree­ment and they are meet­ing right now. Sanc­tions were sup­posed to crip­ple Rus­sia and Putin was sup­posed to die at any moment. They were going to col­lapse because they weren’t able to pay their debt. Remem­ber Europe is in sham­bles. Yet Russia’s GDP is positive. 
  • Maybe that is why we aren’t inter­est­ed in Turkey because they bought oil from Russia. 
  • Tomor­row night Putin is going to give a major speech to the peo­ple of Rus­sia. He will use that he isn’t fight­ing Ukraine but the WEst­ern inva­sion into Rus­sia, the US. Putin will tell the peo­ple of Rus­sia that Rus­sia is at war with the US. 

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