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What Is Joe Biden Doing In Ukraine?

  • BKP will be run­ning for 1st Vice Chair for the GA GOP. 
  • No one from the White House has vis­it­ed East Pales­tine OH on the train derailment. 
  • Why is Joe Biden in Ukraine? He has had a sur­prise vis­it to Ukraine. Is this the calm before the storm? And he has not been to East Pales­tine OH. 
  • This is a very con­fus­ing sit­u­a­tion. It is unknown if he is plan­ning to not to run again. There is no way you leave the home­less on the streets, the fen­tanyl deaths, the open bor­der, the cit­i­zens of East Pales­tine OH. The infla­tion, cred­it card debt, the cri­sis in this coun­try that you are around the world. Telling the peo­ple of Ukraine they are in your heart. Then you lay out that you were in Kviv 6 times as a VP and 1 as pres­i­dent. Why did you need one more trip before leav­ing office and before Trump took office? 
  • Anoth­er 500M in equip­ment to Ukraine. Bil­lions to the bud­get to Ukraine. And more sanc­tions. OUr debt is 31T and we have full faith in cred­it. Social secu­ri­ty is bro­ken, medicare is bro­ken. And we pay inter­ests on the debt equal to our defense bud­get but we are going to see bil­lions to prop up their budget. 
  • Remem­ber Rus­sia and Chi­na signed a no lim­its part­ner­ship agree­ment. And a Chi­na diplo­mat is in Moscow. Is this the calm before the storm?

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