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A Vaccine For RSV? And IRS And Federal Agencies Weaponized For Racial Equity.

  • Why all of a sud­den is RSV and short­age of chil­dren’s Tylenol? Scare the parents. 
  • World’s first vac­cine could be rolled out in months for baby killer win­ter bug RSV which hos­pi­tal­izes 50K chil­dren and kills 500 per year. Pfiz­er could see its vac­cine for RSV approved as soon as August. Vac­cine to be giv­en to expect­ing moth­ers that pass anti­bod­ies to unborn babies. 
  • How about dis­clos­ing the COVID vac­cine and how it is killing people. 
  • The Biden admin­is­tra­tion IRS con­tin­ues to bla­tant­ly dis­re­gard tax­pay­ers. GOP demands answers on whether the agency plans to use $80 bil­lion in new fund­ing to audit mid­dle class Amer­i­can’s. In a let­ter dat­ed Aug 17, 2022, Trea­sure Sec Janet Yellen direct­ed the IRS to pre­pare a strate­gic oper­at­ing plan with­in six months. Feb 17 is the deadline. 
  • IRS is devel­op­ing a new Biden-backed algo­rithm that’ll see more white and asian peo­ple tar­get­ed for tax audits to boost racial equi­ty. The Biden’s exec­u­tive order encour­ages the IRS to audit few­er black tax­pay­ers and instead audit more white. 
  • Biden signed an exec­u­tive order on Feb. 16 requir­ing all fed­er­al agen­cies to imple­ment poli­cies that pro­mote racial equi­ty. The EO is to strength­en racial equi­ty and sup­port for under­served com­mu­ni­ties across the fed­er­al government. 
  • JP Mor­gan restricts employ­ees from using chatGPT. 

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