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Please Let Kids Be Kids — Transgender Health Care Bills Need Teeth

  • Yes­ter­day MTG went to the GA state capi­tol to thank them for their ser­vice. She also asked leg­is­la­tors to pre­vent trans­gen­der youth from access to body-alter­ing pro­ce­dures before they turn 18. 
  • Red Amer­i­ca clamp down on puber­ty block­ers, MS is on the cusp of ban­ning trans­gen­der surg­eries and drugs for chil­dren under 18. The bill would make pro­vid­ing gen­der affirm­ing surg­eries or drugs a felony. There is a bite to this bill. SD and UT have enact­ed all out bans on gen­der tran­si­tion health­care. MS Gov­er­nor Reeves will sign the bill in MS, tweet­ing that Plain truth is some­how con­tro­ver­sial in today’s world. 
  • De-tran­si­tion woman says doc­tors failed me when she had her breast and uterus removed when she thought she was a man dur­ing a men­tal health cri­sis. She sues eight health care work­ers who helped her change. She was con­fused, peer pres­sure online. 
  • MTG address­es the Sen­ate. Call to Action: for the kids in GA. If we don’t pro­tect our kids, where are we? Trans­gen­der health care is irreversible. 
  • Joe passed exec­u­tive order the day to strength­en racial equi­ty and sup­port for under­served com­mu­ni­ties across the fed­er­al government. 
  • IRS is devel­op­ing a new Biden-backed algo­rithm that’ll see more white and Asian peo­ple tar­get­ed for tax audits to boost racial equity. 
  • The prob­lem we have today is the pas­tors are not lined up at the board of edu­ca­tion. If you are in the bible belt in a Chris­t­ian com­mu­ni­ty and have the pas­tor’s speech and let the board know that this is not wel­comed in this com­mu­ni­ty. The peo­ple need to be bold enough to say some­thing. What they are doing to our kids is the dev­il com­ing into our homes. 
  • Please let kids be kids. 
  • SB140 — Hos­pi­tals; the treat­ment of gen­der dys­pho­ria in minors per­formed in hos­pi­tals and oth­er licensed health­care facil­i­ties; pro­hib­it cer­tain sur­gi­cal pro­ce­dures. There are no teeth to this bill, no felony or jail time for vio­la­tion. There are 22 sign­ers on the bill. 
  • SB141 — Pro­fes­sions and Busi­ness­es; health care providers from per­form­ing spec­i­fied prac­tices on minors relat­ing to alter­ing a person’s appear­ance relat­ing to gen­der; pro­hib­it. There are 15 sign­ers on this bill. There is a prob­lem. There are no teeth, no bite, no felony. It sounds good, head­ed in the right direc­tion until penal­ties, respon­si­bil­i­ties come into play. 
  • Con­tact MTG and thank her and tell her you sup­port her and tell her SB140 and SB141 do not have teeth like the MS bill, no felony attached. Make it a crime and put them in jail. 

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