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China Will Speak With Ukraine Next Week, US Response “Ban TikTok”

  • North Korea fires anoth­er short range bal­lis­tic missiles,
  • Chi­na bro­kered a deal between the Saud­is and Iran. Sau­di Ara­bia is sup­posed to be in line with Israel. Don’t be sur­prised that Israel will have to step up and defend them­selves alone.
  • Blinken vis­its Ethiopia as progress under the Tigray peace deal slows. He is all over the world. These are preparations. 
  • Rus­sia will use a Posei­don under­wa­ter mis­sile to wipe Britain off the map with a 1000 ft-high radioac­tive tsuna­mi if NATO troops put boots on the ground in Ukraine. 
  • We are sell­ing aus­tralia 3 nuclear subs to bol­ster pacif­ic pres­ence. US part­ners with UK and Aus­tralia to bol­ster pacif­ic pres­ence. Chi­na responds that the 3 coun­tries for their own geopo­lit­i­cal self inter­est com­plete­ly ignore the con­cerns of the inter­na­tion­al com­mu­ni­ty and go fur­ther and fur­ther down the wrong and dan­ger­ous path. 
  • Chi­na will speak to Ukraine next week. You have bil­lions and bil­lions of dol­lars in Ukraine. You put a tril­lion in Afghanistan, now Chi­na runs afghanistan… you invest­ed in Africa, now Chi­na runs Africa…. Remem­ber Belarus met with the Chi­nese gov­ern­ment and cor­po­ra­tion. There is talk that Rus­sia may annex Belarus. Now Zelen­sky is going to meet with Xi. 
  • Pen­tagons biggest bud­get ever $862B
  • If we have to hide what is going on in this coun­try.. Then just yell ban TikTok
  • Meta will slash thou­sands more jobs. 

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