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The Whole Country will Collapse with Virtue Signaling, DEI and ESG

  • Believe noth­ing that they are telling you about the bank failures. 
  • Chi­na bro­kers Iran-Sau­di deal. Remem­ber the for­eign defense min­is­ter in Chi­na that del­e­ga­tion met with Rus­sia. Chi­na extend­ed a peace plan to Ukraine and Rus­sia. Rus­sia said yes and Ukraine said no. Now the con­cerns hap­pen­ing finan­cial­ly in the US, Ukraine is ner­vous. Zelen­sky is going to go with who­ev­er sends the check. If Biden sig­nals that we won’t send the mon­ey and Chi­na sends the mon­ey, Ukraine will go red overnight. 
  • SVB vir­tu­al sig­nal­ing in the green and ESG stuff. So they have to save the “good” peo­ple. More than 97% of SVB depos­i­tors had more than 250K in their accounts. And Sig­na­ture had 90% that wasn’t insur­ance by the FDIC. What good is the sticker?
  • The whole coun­try is going to go this way with virtue sig­nal­ing with DEI. Every gov­ern­ment agency, and every orga­ni­za­tion that receives gov­ern­ment mon­ey has to abide by the DEI ide­ol­o­gy to get the mon­ey. SVB was check­ing on all the boxes. 
  • We are 31T in debt. And you know any­time con­gress pass­es an appro­pri­a­tions to biden’s desk and he signs it. They have to send a doc­u­ment over to “order” the mon­ey. Some­one has to buy the debt before the mon­ey is print­ed, trea­sury bonds. It’s all a ponzi scheme. 
  • Basi­cal­ly the gov­ern­ment buys SVB. We bought all their trea­sury bills that are worth 30B that were worth 90B so we cov­ered the 60B. Tax­pay­ers have cov­ered every deposit in that bank and now the bank is able to bor­row against the 30B. 
  • Big Tech wins in the SVB scan­dal. New CEO says it is busi­ness as usu­al. Biden’s $4T COVID (not real mon­ey) stim­u­lus pack­age helped cre­ate a tech invest­ment bub­ble that was punc­tured by inter­est rates leav­ing banks with multi­bil­lion dol­lar shortfalls. 
  • Biden asked Con­gress and bank­ing reg­u­la­tors to strength­en the rules for banks to make it less like­ly that this kind of bank fail­ure hap­pens again. How are you going to stop this> stop the spend­ing spree. There isn’t any leg­is­la­tion or bank reg­u­la­tions to stop this from hap­pen­ing with what hap­pened with COVID. Con­gress has known this. It was held back last year. Grow­ing calls for inter­est rate hikes. There are region­al banks that are sit­ting on the same t‑bonds that col­lapsed SVB. 
  • Trump could have lift­ed every reg­u­la­tion it would have still hap­pened. Because if you dump $4T over night. Peo­ple had to put it in the bank and the bank had to do some­thing with it. 
  • Democ­rats won’t go to home­land secu­ri­ty committee 

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