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Republicans Have The Message And We Will Bring It To The People In 2024

  • We have the mes­sage and we will bring it to the peo­ple. The peo­ple are recep­tive to the message. 
  • Bomb­shell emails show Dr. Fau­ci com­mis­sioned a Feb­ru­ary 2020 paper to dis­prove COVID leaked from a Wuhan lab weeks before pre­tend­ing the study had noth­ing to do with him at a White House press con­fer­ence. Feb Fau­ci did a pre­emp­tive strike before the COVID lock­down and he made sure he shuts it all down because he has a mis­sion that year, to get Biden elected. 
  • Trump is smart enough to know when things aren’t adding up. Trump says this could have been shut down a lot ear­li­er. The WHO knew it could have been shut down ear­li­er. This year we are going to deal with “High­ly Qual­i­fied”. There is not enough time in the day to dis­cuss Dr. Fau­ci. We let this guy retire. Trump knew. 
  • Iran could weaponize a nuke in 12 days. Israel has all pos­si­ble means on the table to pre­vent Iran from get­ting nuclear weapons. Watch what happens. 
  • What is Tul­si up to? Tul­si said that Democ­rats are the par­ty of divi­sion, author­i­tar­i­an­ism and war.
  • Capi­tol police, FBI failed to share cred­i­ble threats before the Jan 6 breach. We are wait­ing on Tuck­ers report from the film access that Kevin McCarthy has giv­en him on the Jan 6 events at the capitol. 
  • Pritzk­er the gov of IL has set up abor­tion cen­ters with lodg­ing to meet all your accom­mo­da­tions. He will make sure you can kill your baby and have all the com­forts of home. The abor­tion pill accounts for 50% of all abor­tions, Wal­greens has announced that they  won’t dis­trib­ute pills in 21 states as a result of the let­ter sent and the law­suit ini­ti­at­ed by Pax­ton Texas Attor­ney General. 

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