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Georgia Legislation Update As The End Approaches

  • This is a pos­i­tive in the GA House … Ban on south­side Zucker­bucks elec­tion fund­ing clears GA House, in the­o­ry it is good, but it doesn’t ban it. This is mis­lead­ing. Zucker­bucks will live to expose itself anoth­er day. SB202 made drop box­es legal, but put them in polling loca­tions. There should have been a ban. Now that drop box­es were cod­i­fied into law and now when democ­rats and the state leg­is­la­ture gets the mod­er­ate repub­li­cans watch and see if those drop box­es get put out­side. What they have done with the Zucker­bucks is that the GA state board of elec­tions and the mon­ey would have to divide the mon­ey amongst all coun­ties in the state. We didn’t out­law drop box­es and out­side influ­ence to our elec­tion offices. Why would we want out­side influ­ence in our elec­tions? This law will pre­vent the mon­ey going direct­ly into the coun­ty board of elec­tions, and what this will do it will sound good for a cou­ple of years and it will qui­et­ly shift back because it is in law. 
  • Kemp backs $6500 pri­vate school vouch­er mea­sure, keep an eye on this one. 
  • The GA Sen­ate gives final approval to a bill that would tax elec­tric­i­ty for vehi­cles. Right now in the state of GA only the evil fos­sil fuel engines are pay­ing a road tax.
  • Kemp could sign a mea­sure to give the state new pow­er over DAs. This is sup­posed to be set up and will allow an over­sight com­mit­tee to remove an activist DA or a DA that will not pro­ce­dure the law. Keep in mind when it comes to this law, the state elec­tion board could remove the elec­tion board of a coun­ty board but after the inves­ti­ga­tion noth­ing happened. 
  • A GA bill to lim­it use of Tik­Tok and oth­er social media heads to the gov­er­nor’s desk. 
  • GA can not get any more lib­er­al. They will con­tin­ue to say Eas­i­er to vote and hard­er to cheat until we kick the drop box­es out­side and the zucker­bucks get pushed to the coun­ties. Now Geor­gians will have more options to cast a bal­lot, like you couldn’t get to the elec­tion office in 17 days. Ear­ly vot­ing time off the bill wins final approval in GA is to become law. When they final­ly put the drop box out­side, then they say they need a pro­pi­onate num­ber of drop box­es. Won­der if the SOS Geogri­ans will have more options and will say vot­ers will have more con­fi­dence in the vote. GA is not ban­ning any­thing they are just shift­ing the buck. They won’t talk about leg­is­la­tion that will open up the bal­lots. The state of GA is spend­ing mil­lions and bil­lions wast­ing mon­ey every sin­gle day, there should be zero ques­tion on the cost to secure, put integri­ty and faith into our elections.

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