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Putin In War Zone, Xi in Moscow

  • Putin gets out of town. Chi­na will have a phone call this week with Zelen­sky. And Chi­na will be the new peace­keep­er. It will be the new world order. PUtin goes into the war zone. Putin Vis­its occu­pied Mar­i­upol days after ICC issues arrest warrant. 
  • Xi and Putin are meet­ing as we speak and will wrap up on Wednesday. 
  • The cri­sis in Ukraine which was pro­voked and being dili­gent­ly fueled by the West, is the most strik­ing, yet not the only, man­i­fes­ta­tion of its desire to retain its inter­na­tion­al dom­i­nance.. It is crys­tal clear that NATO is striv­ing for a glob­al reach of activ­i­ties and seek­ing to pen­e­trate the asia-pacif­ic.  says putin.
  • Xi says “I have put forth sev­er­al pro­pos­als to observe the pur­pos­es and prin­ci­ples of the UN charg­er, respect the legit­i­mate secu­ri­ty con­cerns of all countries…and ensure the sta­bil­i­ty of glob­al indus­tri­al and sup­ply chains.” 
  • Xi and Putin release state­ments con­cern­ing the sum­mit until Wednes­day: A Future-Bound Partnership 
  • Rock­et man,Kim Jong-Un in North Korea orders troops to pre­pare for imme­di­ate and over­whelm­ing nuclear coun­ter­at­tack against enemies
  • Xi didn’t trip up the stairs and he didn’t even hold the rail. The whole world laughs at Joe Biden. 
  • The con­cern is that when this sum­mit is over there will be an announce­ment after this sum­mit is over and XI will call Zelen­sky and tell him the cracks in NATO. Then you will hear the pos­si­ble cease fire. Just a thought of what is going on here. 
  • BKP talks about sports. 
  • Repub­li­cans gain super­ma­jor­i­ty in the LA House. Giv­ing the par­ty the veto pow­er to over­ride the gov­er­nor. The longest serv­ing Demo­c­rat leg­is­la­tor has switched par­ties giv­ing the super­ma­jor­i­ty to the GOP. 

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