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The Grand Jury Process, You Should Not Know What Is Happening

  • You should not know what is hap­pen­ing with the Grand Jury. Shocked that the indict­ment is com­ing. It is pos­si­ble that the judge will read the indict­ment behind closed doors. The gen­er­al scales of jus­tice courts, you should be able to sit in any court to hear the read­ing of the enve­lope from the grand jury. Once filed with the clerk that is when the DA is sup­posed to get the details of the indict­ment. The DA should not know about the indict­ment until after the judge reads the enve­lope. The media is mis­rep­re­sent­ing how things work. 
  • We are talk­ing about arrest­ing Don­ald Trump for throw­ing bub­ble gum on the side­walk while Putin and Xi are dis­cussing the fate of the world. 
  • Anoth­er 9K get­ting laid off at Amazon
  • Group of Big banks pumps $30 B in bat­tered First Repub­lic. 30 banks got togeth­er to make a deal and they did a liq­uid­i­ty swap that they didn’t explain to us what they were doing. It is quite pos­si­ble to have a new world wide mon­e­tary sys­tem in place by Friday. 
  • What will the Fed do? Will the inter­est rates be raised dur­ing this bank­ing crisis? 

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