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Differences of Insurrections, Losing Balance of Power, Imposter Republicans

  • An insur­rec­tion is ok in TN but on Jan 6 they were doing the work of the peo­ple and that was an insur­rec­tion that could not be tol­er­at­ed. Trump said that we were going to peace­ful­ly go to the capi­tol for them to hear our voice. 
  • Macron is over meet­ing with Chi­na. Do you know how many coun­tries are meet­ing with Chi­na and we have a major pen­ta­gon leak? And the Man­hat­tan DA is indict­ing Don­ald Trump and work­ing their mag­ic of cheat­ing and mak­ing a total mess in 2024. Is every­one going to Chi­na to divide the spoils of war? What are the spoils of war? Are they all going to Chi­na to recal­i­brate the bal­ance of pow­er in the world? Have we gone from one admin­is­tra­tion to los­ing the bal­ance of pow­er of the world? You know pre covid Don­ald Trump was work­ing things out with Rus­sia, North Korea, Chi­na. He was work­ing on peace deals in the mid­dle east. Covid stole an elec­tion and insert­ed Joe Biden. Why are they all going to meet with China?
  • Our mil­i­tary readi­ness, as Chi­na is run­ning drills sim­u­lat­ing attack on Tai­wan. Fly­ing a bal­loon across our coun­try to gath­er infor­ma­tion on all our mil­i­tary bases. DOD high­est rank­ing trans offi­cials ostra­ciz­ing any­body will hurt mil­i­tary readi­ness. Shawn Skul­ly left the mil­i­tary in 2008 think­ing she’d nev­er return now she’s in charge of get­ting US forces ready for bat­tle. Skel­ly over­sees mil­i­tary pre­pared­ness for warfight­ing, includ­ing train­ing pro­grams, equip­ment safe­ty and muni­tions supplies. 
  • We have a group of repub­li­cans, imposters doing impres­sions as repub­li­cans, that say if you can’t beat them join them. Next it’s abor­tion. There is a group of repub­li­cans will­ing to accept abor­tion on demand. 
  • As Chi­na is sim­u­lat­ing attacks on Tai­wan today, this man that now iden­ti­fies as a woman is in charge of our mil­i­tary readiness. 
  • Bill Barr calls Trump the weak­est of GOP 2024 can­di­dates. In 2024 the dif­fi­cul­ty will be not run­ning against democ­rats but run­ning against imposters run­ning as republicans. 
  • TX judge sus­pends FDA approval of abor­tion pill. We knew the TX judge would come out with this deci­sion. AOC wants Joe Biden to over­rule the Supreme Court. When the Dobbs deci­sion was in the works, BKP said that repub­li­cans would be put in a posi­tion where they could no longer say they were pro-life, they would have to be pro-life. Repub­li­cans will now start out to con­vince you that the rea­son we lost 2022 was because of the Dobbs deci­sion. And they will work to con­vince you that if we don’t change our plat­form to be wom­en’s health we will con­tin­ue to lose. Repub­li­cans are going to let democ­rats go out in front of it and there will be repub­li­cans say­ing that it is a los­er for us. 
  • Biden’s plan to change Title 9 to address trans ath­letes. There is no law in GA to pro­tect wom­en’s sports and it is get­ting ready to change. 

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