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China Is Running The Table On The World Stage, Us Losing In One Administration

  • CNN Legal ana­lyst Honig: Fox News is head­ed for Full blown jour­nal­is­tic and legal disaster. 
  • Raf­fensperg­er has his heels dug into ERIC like he is part own­er. He won’t sit down to the voice of rea­son or have a con­ver­sa­tion. This is a 2024 “I dare you to look at the elec­tion, you will take what we say and move on”. 
  • Riley Gaines has tak­en on Megan Rapi­noe. You have to have guts to take these peo­ple on, the trans community. 
  • Riley Gaines slams SF State for prais­ing peace­ful protest where swim­mer claims she was assault­ed by trans-rights activists. Law­mak­ers will not stand up for your girls, high school and col­lege ath­letes. And Bud Light is cel­e­brat­ing the trans­gen­der community. 
  • Feds’ pro­posed new rule for trans stu­dent ath­letes could impact Geor­gia ban. The new rules in Title 9, you won’t have any mon­ey com­ing from the fed­er­al gov­ern­ment if you don’t have trans ath­letes com­pete in the sports they want. Riley Gaines has the guts and courage for your kids. 
  • CIA direc­tor reveals con­ver­sa­tion with Putin before Ukraine inva­sion. There is a realign­ment hap­pen­ing in the world. The CIA direc­tor Bill Burns has warned that the US is see­ing a time of change and trans­for­ma­tion that comes along a cou­ple of times a cen­tu­ry. Burns said that while Amer­i­ca still has a bet­ter hand to play than any of our rivals, it is no longer the only big kid on the geo-polit­i­cal block and our posi­tion at the head of the table isn’t guar­an­teed. This all hap­pened in 1 admin­is­tra­tion. This world stage that the deep state kept telling you that Don­ald Trump would cause so many prob­lems. Trump prais­es Xi and Putin as very smart on Tuck­er. Remem­ber Biden was put in place in the oval office. Burns warned that Chi­na was claw­ing to run the table while Putin’s Rus­sia want­ed to smash the table com­plete­ly. Burns had spo­ken with Putin per­son­al­ly before the Ukraine inva­sion at the request of Biden.

Chi­na would run the table. France, Rus­sia, Ukraine, Belarus, Iran, Sau­di Ara­bia, Aus­tralia. Biden blows up Nord Stream 2. Biden is angry at Israel because they wouldn’t get on board and cre­at­ed and financed the upris­ing, Biden got mad at South Korea because they wouldn’t get involved. We have doc­u­ment leaks

  • The Afghanistan War was to wash the mon­ey out of our tax bases. You will learn from these leaks out of the pos­si­bil­i­ty of wash­ing mon­ey out of our tax base. Chi­na is claw­ing their way and posi­tion­ing them­selves as world leaders. 

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