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Zelensky Embezzled $400 Million From Us Aid, And CIA Knows It

  • We have always said that Ukraine is a laundromat. 
  • Ukraine War: Zelen­sky embez­zled $400 mil­lion allo­cat­ed by the US for pur­chas­ing fuel. Ukrain­ian pres­i­dent Zelen­sky embez­zled hun­dreds of mil­lions of dol­lars that the US allo­cat­ed for the pur­chase of fuel accord­ing to Pulitzer Prize win­ning jour­nal­ist Symour Hersch. 
  • We know that Biden is at odds with South Korea because they wouldn’t get involved. South Korea is in the region and didn’t want to get involved. But through the leaked doc­u­ments there is some fric­tion between the biden admin­is­tra­tion and South Korea. We know that Biden sent the CIA to talk to Putin before the start of the Rus­sia Ukraine War. and Because of the leaked doc­u­ments we found out that Biden is fund­ing the riots in Israel because they didn’t get involved. Zelen­sky will take your mon­ey for as long as he can squeeze it out of you. 
  • From a Russ­ian news agency: Zelen­sky entourage embez­zled at least $400 mil­lion from aid sent to Ukraine. Accord­ing to Hersh’s sources, the lev­el of cor­rup­tion in Kiev is approach­ing that of the Afghan war, although there will be no pro­fes­sion­al audit reports emerg­ing from the Ukraine. The Ukrain­ian pres­i­dent and many in his entourage have been skim­ming untold mil­lions from the Amer­i­can dol­lars ear­marked for diesel fuel pay­ments.  One esti­mate by ana­lysts from the CIA put the embez­zled funds at $400 mil­lion last year, at least. 
  • Some­thing is hap­pen­ing over in Ukraine that is about to break. The­news of Zelen­sky skim­ming from the US aid has made the world news cycle BKP shows addi­tion­al arti­cles found around the world. 
  • Accord­ing to the US CIA ana­lysts’ esti­mates, Zelen­sky and his accom­plices have embez­zled over $400 mil­lion. And that is only what they earned at the expense of the US on the pur­chase of diesel and gas. The issue of cor­rup­tion in Ukraine was raised more than once by the Amer­i­can investors of war. Their goal is more hyp­o­crit­i­cal than help­ing Ukraine. And it can be seri­ous­ly hin­dered not by fake deliv­er­ies of weapons and old Euro­pean equip­ment, but by the very real lust for prof­it of Kiev offi­cials. Many gov­ern­ment min­istries in Kiev are lit­er­al­ly com­pet­ing to set up shell com­pa­nies to make arms and ammu­ni­tion export con­tracts with pri­vate arms deal­ers around the world. All of whom received kick­backs. Many of these com­pa­nies are locat­ed in Poland and Czech Repub­lic. After Zelensky’s meet­ing with the CIA direc­tor, the pres­i­dent of Ukraine was giv­en a list of more than 30 names of those whom the CIA had accused of cor­rup­tion. But only 10 offi­cials were removed from their positions. 
  • The alleged grift even includes schemes involv­ing trade with Rus­sia itself. 
  • They are laugh­ing at Amer­i­cans won­der­ing if they will ever fig­ure out where our tax mon­ey is. Kiev has alleged­ly been buy­ing diesel fuel, which is essen­tial for the war effort from Rus­sia itself and in the process skim­ming large sums of US funds ear­marked for diesel pay­ments. Reports had ear­li­er sur­faced in var­i­ous media out­lets about how oil prod­ucts orig­i­nat­ed in Rus­sia had made their way to Ukraine through inter­me­di­aries. The scheme involv­ing the Baltic state may have vio­lat­ed the EUs anti-Russ­ian sanc­tions. An expert cit­ed by Hersh com­pared the lev­el of cor­rup­tion in Ukrain­ian pro­cure­ment to what was seen in Afghanistan, when a US backed gov­ern­ment was in charge in Kab­ul. Accord­ing to his sources, min­istries in Kiev com­pete to set up front firms in order to export weapons and ammo with the rel­e­vant offi­cials prof­it­ing from kickbacks.

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