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Are you OK with 15 weeks?

  • Roe v Wade was decid­ed wrong 50 years ago. The dobbs deci­sion was leaked from the supreme court and they can’t find who did it. The dobbs deci­sion sent it back to the states. They said that 2022 was because repub­li­cans are on the wrong side of the abor­tion issue. The dobbs deci­sion will require can­di­dates to be pro life. In this elec­tion the media will turn the nar­ra­tive for repub­li­cans to alter the repub­li­can plat­form. If the RNC changes the plat­form from life is  con­cep­tion to death to accept­ing some­thing different. 
  • Repub­li­cans must con­front abor­tion issue head-on to win swing vot­ers in 2024: accord­ing to Ron­na McDaniel RNC chair. 
  • Ron­na said we need to find a con­sen­sus and that we are up against $360 mil­lion. We know that democ­rats are ok with killing a baby up until the day of birth. Nan­cy Mace has become the spokesper­son to help change the plat­form for the repub­li­can par­ty. How can you be com­pas­sion­ate when you are ok with 15–20 weeks. So instead of hav­ing a bunch of unwant­ed chil­dren let’s have a com­pro­mise at 15 weeks. They are try­ing to get you to accept things. Telling you that 15 weeks is the sweet spot. 

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