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Fired Christian Teacher Sues CA School District

  • Actu­al news the net­works do not report
  • Chris­t­ian teacher sues CA school dis­trict after she was fired for refus­ing to hide gen­der tran­si­tions from par­ents. Jes­si­ca Tapia claims she was fired from the Juru­pa Uni­fied School Dis­trict when she refused to lie to par­ents about their child’s pro­noun pref­er­ence and hide her reli­gious beliefs. 
  • John Fet­ter­man blames Dr. Oz for his depres­sion and the bru­tal 2022 cam­paign as he brush­es off ques­tions about his health and insists hell yes he’s fit to work. When all else fails blame a MAGA 
  • Biden’s crim­i­nal bribery scheme with a for­eign nation­al: whistle­blow­er claims FBI and DOJ have field detail­ing Joe’s exchange of mon­ey for pol­i­cy deci­sions when he was VP. Not only con­tin­ue to expose the cor­rup­tion and tie it into how they stole 2020. This is why estab­lish­ment RINO in fear of talk­ing back to Bri­an Kemp wants you to accept 2020 and move out. IF I come out and say that 2020 was stolen, I am relit­i­gat­ing the past. The estab­lish­ment that comes out and tells you to move on, they don’t like Tuck­er and are on the side with Karl Rove. They knew what they were doing in Octo­ber to steal an elec­tion. They did every­thing to stop it from affect­ing the real results. 

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